Beautiful bespoke wooden worktops for the heart of your home

Wood is the obvious choice for beauty and style within your home and office. At Earthy Timber, we bring the outside indoors with high quality, customised wooden tops to complement your kitchen, or any other room. Each piece, full of character, style and grace, is expertly designed and handcrafted in our timber yard and workshop in Sussex. Whatever size, design or purpose, we can create a work-of-art surface to delight the eye and warm the soul. We work with a wide selection of wood, choosing primarily to work with English and European timbers; this means that not only to we source wood from sustainable sources, we’re able to be greener, saving air miles and transportation resources. After something more unusual? We’d be happy to create a table, desk or kitchen island from a variety of rarer wood types, including Wild Walnut, Cherry, Hornbeam, Sycamore and Wild Apple, to name just a few. custom made kitchen island Earthy Timber is unique: as a timber yard we source round logs, kiln dry and create all our pieces; this means that we can offer and deliver an all-in-one service of the highest quality to reflect and acknowledge your investment with us.  In this way, our working procedures guarantee a wide selection of beautiful wood slabs for you, our customer. If you’d like to preserve special family memories, we can even work with wood from a tree from your garden, assuming that it is no longer living. Which Custom Wooden Surface Will Best Suit Your Home? Natural Character with Resin Infill Blending the beauty of nature with cutting edge style and technology, this is wooden surface that’s sure to be a much-loved feature in your home for years to come. Resin Infill technique Clear As Glass Resin Infill is a specialist technique from Earthy Timber that fills in a wooden slab’s natural imperfections or gaps with high quality epoxy resin to give it a modern and creative twist. This process fills in knots or cracks whilst making a feature of them, giving light and life to a wooden surface.   Each customised, tactile piece is unique and expertly crafted, incorporating and making the most of the natural swirls, whirls and variously-sized knots naturally found within wood. Our resin-enhanced pieces are true show-stoppers and hands-down best sellers with our customers. Highly durable and hard-wearing, the results are stunning. The resin infill subtly filters and reflects light, complementing the unique patterns in wood. This artistic wood will give you joy every single day. Clean Grade. With very few, if any, knots or natural imperfections, this type of wood creates a top that suits a modern, cutting edge kitchen. Perfect for a more uniform, contemporary look, its sleek appearance offers durable beauty for a sophisticated style. With a clean, almost “perfect” form, you’ll be combining nature and distinction for a striking look in your home. Natural Character Grade. If you’re an artisan who creates beautiful pieces from wood, or a skilled amateur looking to build your own special table for your home, we can help you.  Earthy Timber has a wide selection of wooden slabs, semi-finished worktops and table tops to empower your skills to fashion magnificent works of great elegance and style to last the test of time. Our wooden slabs are full of rustic character and charm, rich in colour and texture and boasting all the patterns, knots and imperfections that make up the natural beauty of wood. This more “rustic” grade or type may contain divisions or cracks that will require further work with resin, which you can purchase from us. For more details, please refer to our sister business, Are you keen to wake up to the natural beauty of wood in your kitchen? Please use our contact form to send us the details of your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you.