Luxury Kitchen Live Edge Wooden Breakfast Bar Tops from Earthy® Timber

Luxury kitchen, bespoke live edge wood breakfast bar top from Earthy® Timber, is a perfect blend of sturdiness and refinment. Every earthy® solid wood breakfast bar top embodies the three elements of our philosophy: minimalist appearance, modern methodology and raw beauty.

You can commission a bespoke solid wood kitchen bar counter top to fit your space, needs and investment figure. Custom live edge ash, oak or walnut home bar counter tops are hand-made to order from tree to waterproof wood bar top on our premises.

The design spectrum of our home wooden bar tops ranges from multi – plank harmonious creations to timber slab structures. From live edge earthy® river joints for kitchen wooden table extensions to timber and metal synthesis.  Each waney edge timber breakfast bar project is handcrafted with regard to the natural aesthetic.

rustic walnut breakfast bar earthy design

Kiln Dried, Live Edge Timber Bar Tops

Vacuum kiln dried live edge timber bar tops from Earthy ® Timber are ideal as a statement counter in a kitchen, as a home bar in an entertainment space or man cave. Uniquely featured wooden canvas from Earthy® Timber is distinguished by its unique curves, knots and wood grain patterns. Our talented artisans work with the live edge timber bar top to preserve this organic essence while simultaneously reflecting your monetary investment in designer home bar.

Highly specialised, developed in-house timber elaborating and drying technology granting transformation of windthrown, diseased, rotten, infested, fungal trees into structurally strong, healthy, dry timber slabs is exclusive to Earthy® Timber. This superior method of wood drying produces the most beautiful and unique timber tops as well as reduces the moisture content deep within the constructive tissue of the chunky wood slab bar, resulting in a powerful resistance to cracks, splits and warping.

Earthy® Timber bridges the gap between luxury and sustainability. NO TREE IS HARMED in the process of crafting your high end, unique live edge wooden bar top.

modern wood breakfast bar earthy design

State of the Art Wooden Breakfast Bar – Tree to Finished Countertop under Earthy®  Timber Roof

Statement wooden breakfast bar from Earthy®  Timber is completely unique and tailored to your kitchen. We pride ourselves on providing a tailored, all-in-one service. That is why the entire production process, from concept to centrepiece home bar, is carried out and controlled under one roof to guarantee a consistently high quality throughout our range of wooden bar tops, statement wooden dining tables or live edge kitchen island counter tops. The state of the art technique of timber drying and further treatment enables our clients to enjoy the purity and warmth of wood without sacrificing practicality. Our luxury range of wooden breakfast bar tops is finished waterproof and does not require on-going maintenance.

live edge oak breakfast bar

Solid Wood Home Bar – Earthy® Timber Choices

Designed by the artist AS Stawicki, our state of the art wooden home bars are a perfect blend of design and functionality.

We specialise in homegrown, salvaged varieties of British hardwoods such as English Oak, Wild Walnut, Ash as well as Hornbeam, Sycamore and Pippy Oak, among others. We also offer optional, embedded in timber tailored support in the form of custom plates, brackets and bases.

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