Breakfast Bar Tops

Unique Wood Breakfast Bar for your Kitchen

Your kitchen. It’s where everyone gathers for a drink before dinner, where you prepare meals, eat breakfast, drink coffee or sit and read the Sunday papers. For many, it’s at the heart of family life and is their favourite room.

Your kitchen deserves a bespoke, wooden breakfast bar from Earthy Timber. Live edge breakfast bar (otherwise called waney edge breakfast bar, natural edge breakfast bar, earthy edge breakfast bar), or square edge bar if you prefer contemporary appearance. Carefully vacuum kiln dried, designed and handcrafted to absolute perfection our earthy luxury breakfast bars are crafted from selected, unique wood slabs.

A perfect substitute for a conventional dining table or an ideal addition to your existing kitchen table or kitchen island, a bespoke wood breakfast bar combines the functionality of a table with a worktop, generally with high stools underneath.

It can be an effective space saver in a smaller home, doubling up as a dining table. In a larger kitchen, a breakfast bar offers a spacious feel or in a larger kitchen, a luxurious, spacious feel to the room.

Functional and Beautiful. Bespoke Breakfast Bar Tops from Earthy Timber

A tailor-made waney edge breakfast bar (square modern bar edge if you prefer) from Earthy Timber is something special. Designed, scoped, created and finished in-house by our timber specialists, this beautiful handmade wood piece makes a statement, yet will fully complement the look and feel of the rest of your kitchen.

Although practical, durable and eminently usable every day, we feel that we lead the world in product design and these are true functional works of art. They can reflect or combine various interior styles:  rustic, modern, sleek and chic.

Each waney edge, natural wood slab is unique, with different patterns and therefore is treated differently, even if it’s from the same tree. Bring along a picture of your kitchen and we will design a breakfast bar to complement the room, a tailor-made bar top to delight and lift your spirits every time you see it. This is high-end art at its best.

At Earthy Timber, not only do we source all our wood ourselves, we complete the entire process – from tree to the finished bar top – at our  wood yard & workshop in Sussex. This gives us complete control over quality, ensuring that we offer you only the very best.

Natural Tree Bark Edge , Resin Infill, Metal Inlay Techniques – Earthy Luxury Wood Bar Top Finishing Techniques

Earthy Timber can implement specialist techniques to preserve and enhance the natural wood features: knots, voids, earthy, textured & wavy bark edge. Bark preservation technique is a beautiful way to combine the look (but not the feel) of rough with smooth. The result is stunning: a beautiful yin and yang of tree plank within its natural frame but without the rough edge. You won’t snag your clothes, or catch jewellery on it. Read more about this technique here.

Tailored Supports for your Wooden Bar Top

Earthy Timber can also design & handcraft tailored hidden fixings (invisible embedded in timber support)  or visible decorative supports  for your bespoke wood breakfast bar overhang.

Wood Slab Drying Process. In House Vacuum Kiln.

Vacuum kiln-drying is truly advanced technology. We operate a vacuum kiln-drying chamber on-site and are therefore able to manage the entire process of tree to the finished wooden bar from start to finish. Vacuum kiln-drying is a highly skilled technique which removes the moisture content of timber to below 10%.

This percentage is vital. Why? Because the result is wooden breakfast bar top that’s stable and strong. Beautiful yet durable, eye-catching, strokable yet long-lasting. Artistic bar top to give you pleasure for years and years to come.

Please use our contact form to send us the details of your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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