Why Earthy Timber


Artisan Wood Specialists. We bring the warm, earthy tones of wood to life.

Consider a stone carver’s ability to “see” a final sculptured form from a rough piece of stone. At Earthy Timber, we share this vision and skill. Each waney edge wood slab that we source is unique. Some wooden slabs are substantial: chunky and wide with whorls, knots and wild waney edges; other waney edge wide planks are smaller or longer, ideal perhaps to be joined together by our specialist techniques; a number are dark hued with no visible imperfections.

Like seeing a shape emerging from stone, our artisans select the wood logs that will eventually become your much-prized refined luxury dining table, breakfast bar or desk. Trust is everything. We know what will work best for you.  This is custom art for your home.

Rustic patterns and intricate shapes of live edge slab start to emerge from what looks like a blank canvas. Your new piece of art furniture is taking shape and it will be utterly stunning.

Our Specialist, Wood Vacuum Kiln-Drying Process. What This Means to Our Customers.

As part of our all-in-one service, we have an on-site vacuum kiln that uses unique, patented technology gently to dry each live edge wood slab to below 10% moisture content. We are unique in offering this exceptional, comprehensive service from a tree to a finished work-of-art table or surface.

For durability, kiln-drying wood is essential. Manual control of our on-site chamber requires our in-depth knowledge, skill and attention to detail. Importantly, we truly understand the vagaries of wood.

Read more about our specialist kiln drying service.

Your Investment With Us 

At Earthy Timber, we’re not just timber specialists, craftspeople and technicians, although we’re very proud to be all of those things.

Your investment with us will be supported by high levels of customer service and care. We never cut corners or compromise on quality; indeed, specific processes and techniques may take several weeks.  You new piece of earthy modern  furniture is worth waiting for.

On Site Survey

For some projects, for example when a fitting is involved, a survey may be necessary.  This is an additional service available for a supplementary cost. This on-site survey enables us not only to design your surface but equally importantly, to scope and design its often-invisible support.

If you’re keen to learn more about our  contemporary luxury wooden tables & solid wood full stave worktops,  wood kitchen islands or bar tops please use our contact form to send us the details of your project.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.