Table Tops

Almost nothing turns a house into a home more than a beautiful, artistic table.

Central to family life, romantic dinners à deux, meals with your friends or the simple enjoyment of a cup of coffee in the comfort of your kitchen or dining room, Earthy Timber turns something mundane into the unexpectedly wonderful.

This is functional, practical art for your home

Custom Art Tables for Every Use

Earthy Timber crafts by hand exceptionally beautiful tables for almost any room in your home. With prices starting at £5,500, each piece is either a one-off or a very limited edition. Your commission will never be the same as that of a previous or future customer. Yes, even if the wood is sourced from the same tree.


In addition to dining room tables, coffee and console tables and breakfast bars, we design and create superior pieces for your business: high-end, bespoke executive desks, large boardroom table surfaces or striking reception desk tops.

With the natural patterns, markings and swirls within the wood enhanced and preserved for years to come, custom tables from Earthy Timber will impress your friends, delight your loved ones and lift your spirits every time you see them.

For the luxury leisure market, a bespoke wooden surface for your yacht, say, will look simply stunning. Why not combine your love for water with a passion for the beauty of nature with our special river tables?

Read here how Earthy Timber’s unique finishings can make your piece as individual as you are.

The Best Quality Timber, Sustainably Sourced

Earthy Timber chooses only to work with sustainably sourced wood, often choosing salvaged timber. If it is no longer living, we can also work with a tree from your garden, should you wish to preserve special memories.


Our timber choices focus on English oak, English walnut, Sycamore, London Plane, as well as European timbers, Wild Apple, Wild Pear, Sycamore, Hornbeam, Burr Oak, Hornbeam – types of timber as beautiful and evocative as their names suggest.

Table Legs

Our dining tables are considerable, both in size, dimension and density, therefore we offer high quality, strong table legs that offer wonderful support to the leading role. Subtle yet robust, they let the wood do the talking.

Feel free to provide your own table legs but please be mindful that additional supports may be required to brace the weight and strengthen the construction of your customised table top.

The Journey to Perfection Starts Here

Every single stage, from a tree in its natural state through to the finished article takes place in our workshop and in our wood yard. This means that we can pay your table top the attention it deserves, with every detail taken care of for a perfect result.

We need to understand how your table from Earthy Timber will “spark joy”. It is therefore important for us to see pictures of the room in which your table will take pride of place.

Discuss with us your thoughts on colour, size and style. Once your submission is in progress, allow us to suggest ways to enhance your table if we think we can make your table even more beautiful.

Consider complementing your stunning table top with custom table benches from Earthy Timber.

Unique kiln drying process

A key part of the journey.

Our on-site kiln drying process boasts superior technology to ensure that your wooden surface is expertly treated, stable and totally durable.

We have the skill and expertise to remove the moisture content of timber to below 10%. Wood is a natural substance and needs careful attention. It is only at this level of removal that the timber will not warp, bend or shrink. Managing this process ourselves enables us to control each step for a perfect result.

Pre-Arranged Appointments 

Our mutual collaboration is on the understanding that you are ready to commit to a project with us and that you have a defined budget.

We can only discuss your dining table by prior appointment and please be aware that these tend to be oversubscribed, so you will need to contact us several weeks in advance.

Please use our contact form to send us the details of your project.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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