Table Bases, Plates and Legs

Your bespoke wooden dining table, desk, kitchen island or console table from Earthy Timber will make an impactful style statement.

Whether at your home or in your office, these exquisite, luxurious, high end pieces will delight the eye and charm your soul for generations to come.  It is our great pleasure to craft such beautiful pieces for your home.

Our table surfaces are not only substantial, they are also heavy. Metal plates are essential to reinforce the strength of the joint, while robust table bases and legs enable you to enjoy your new table at its long-lasting best.

For a stunning result, and to offer robust, hard-wearing support to your table, we design customised table bases and legs, working in creative partnership with local craftspeople within Sussex, including blacksmiths and specialists in acrylic and glass.

Following our design, these experts create table legs that truly bring out the best in Earthy Timber’s products. As with our wood, these too are beautiful and built to last. The expertise of both parties ensures a highly professional service and a perfect result

All legs and plates are crafted to order and calibrated individually to each surface, maintaining proportions and allowing for the natural movement of the wood, preventing cracks and splits.

Table Legs to Complement Your Bespoke Wooden Surface

The base  that you choose for your surface will add considerable artistic value, bringing the table surface and its support together for a stunning, harmonious result.  We work with a range of metals such as steel, aluminium or brass as well as a variety of wood, acrylics and glass.

Additionally, legs can be purchased at three heights, including dining table, coffee table and bar counter height. You may wish to have them custom-designed to a height of your choice, however.

A Note of Caution

You may prefer to place our wooden surfaces on externally-sourced legs, however we would not be able to advise on their suitability. We would therefore ask you to discuss your needs, as externally sourced table legs are not recommended.

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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