Luxury Yacht Tables

A Bespoke Wooden Table from Earthy Timber. A De-luxe Addition to a Luxury Space

Whether you wish to take advantage of the finer things in life, to entertain your friends or even impress clients, a hand-made, luxury yacht table will combine your love of nature on sea and on land. Imagine the scene: dinner on board, served on a striking, work-of-art dining table that draws the eye and invites admiration from one and all.

With a starting price of £10,000, Earthy Timber can design and create the perfect table for your chosen on-board space or room. We take care of the slightest detail in every single piece. Each wooden slab is unique, telling its own story with beautiful scars, patters, whirls and natural imperfections.

wild walnut live edge table wood resin earthy timber

River Effect

To acknowledge your investment with us and for your unique yacht table to have a truly striking effect, we may introduce to you our special Earthy® Joint technique.

Joined together with resin or metal but separated by a “floating” effect as if in water, this method matches two or more planks from the same tree, whose edges appear to fit into each other within the same outline.

This intricate effect, almost like arbitrary approaching pieces of nature’s jigsaw, can place timber slabs within a short or further distance apart. The result is stunning: wood and water in harmony. Practical, functional pieces of art to touch, appreciate and love.

You can read more about our other specialist enhancement techniques, unique to Earthy Timber here.

Unique On-Site Vacuum Kiln-Drying Process.

Wood is a natural substance and as such, if not dried correctly, may variously warp, bend and shrink. As part of our unique all-in-one service, Earthy Timber always vacuum kiln-dries every piece that we work with.  This technique is especially important in an environment in and around water.

We take great care to manage and control this process, with each drying procedure subject to intense preparation and supervision. The result is a series of pieces, each entirely stable ready for us to work our magic on.

Your yacht table awaits you. Let the elements be celebrated in style.

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