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There is something intrinsically right about sitting around a table for Sunday lunch, or for an evening dinner. Every meal, even something quite ordinary after a busy day gives us the chance to slow down and take stock of the day. The objects that surround you in your home should give you joy.

We think we’ve got just the thing. If you have a family, love to entertain, or simply wish to enjoy quality time with your partner, talk to Earthy Timber about a bespoke, luxury wood dining table. These are pieces of the highest quality and craftsmanship, with prices starting at £7,500 for a custom dining table that you will treasure for ever.

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Unique, Hand-Crafted, Work of Art Tables from Earthy Timber

We source, design, create and finish a wide variety and sizes of locally sourced wooden slabs and turn them into luxury dining tables. Working with a wide range of fully sustainable English and European timbers, we produce full stave surfaces for your dining room or kitchen up to six metres long and one and a half metres wide.

Your dining table can be created in a variety of thicknesses and with a stunning array of finishes. A piece of furniture so beautiful that you, your family and friends won’t be able to resist touching it. Creative, beautiful yet fully functional, a work of art to enjoy, use and admire every day.

english walnut dining table live edge bark edge

Nature at Its Best. Enhanced by Timber Specialists.

Here at Earthy Timber, there’s one rule: we allow the pieces we source to reveal their secrets to us.

We can select the pieces that we know will work best for you, making small enhancements to the wood once its true natural beauty has started to appear; we will work on bark preservation, perhaps enhancing knots or voids for example. The scars, whorls and natural patterns of wood are part of the character of the tree, so each piece is treated individually.

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Live Edges, Bark Preservation and Resin Infill

If you appreciate a real “wow” factor, talk to us about natural, otherwise called live edges (sometimes called raw edge or waney edge). We have the skills and technology to preserve and enhance what would otherwise be removed – the sensual, undulating flow of the edge of a wooden slab. You will not believe just how stunning this really is until you see it.

Earthy Timber can mix the rough with the smooth – or rather, its captivating appearance. Ask us about our specialist bark preservation and live edge squared techniques that showcase the contrast of the warm colour of wood beautifully framed by the dark hues of the bark that encases it. This is wood as you’ve never seen it before.

Our resin infill techniques are truly unique and artisan: this is not mass manufacture. Each project is treated individually, with a variety of techniques and processes letting the wood do the talking.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to our specialist wood enhancement techniques, which you can read about here.

handcrafted walnut table steel legs earthy luxury design

Table Legs and Matching Benches

We produce works of art for your home that are both practical and fully functional. Working closely with local blacksmiths and resin chemical engineers to produce superb quality table legs and finishes, the natural beauty of your dining table will stand out, supported by strong, elegant hand-crafted table legs that enrich the final piece.

You may wish to complement your work of art dining table with Earthy Timber’s bespoke wooden benches

Earthy Timber’s Vacuum Kiln-Drying Chamber. On Site at our Premises.

We operate a vacuum kiln on-site at our workshop as part of our all-in-one service offering. As a natural substance, untreated wood (or wood that is not dried properly) can shrink rapidly and can warp or bend. Distinct from conventional drying processes, vacuum kiln-drying removes the moisture content of wood to below 10%. The result is a high quality, robust and long-lasting piece that we can start to work our magic on.

This technique ensures stability, an essential part of what we can offer you: strong, unchanging wood that, once fashioned into your dining table and treated with our specialist finishes, will last for generations. For you, our customer, this means that the journey from tree to your dinner table is carefully managed to the highest level of craftsmanship.

Keen to discuss your project for a dining table for your home? We see our customers by pre-arranged appointment only. Please use our contact form to send us the details of your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

3m long live edge oak dining table with resin earthy design