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Earthy® Timber

Terms and Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to any of the products and/or services supplied by EARTHY® TIMBER also known as EARTHY® TIMBER LUXURY and EARTHY TIMBER CUSTOM (the ‘Company’, ‘us’, ‘we’) on our websites www.earthytimber.com and www.earthytimber.com/store (“our site”) to you. 

EARTHY® TIMBER LUXURY and EARTHY® TIMBER CUSTOM are trading names of  Earthy® Timber Limited.

Please read through these Terms and Conditions & Other Important Information in this document before placing your order. By placing an order it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed to our terms and conditions and noted all the important  information contained in this document. If you are unclear on any aspect of these terms, conditions and the important information given, please contact us before placing an order. All orders placed with, and accepted by  ‘Company’  are therefore bound by these terms and conditions. 

1. Made to measure

Earthy® Timber ‘s wooden counter tops and furniture are premium quality, durable products handcrafted to order to the highest standards. All our timber is sourced from renewable and responsibly managed woodlands and vacuum kiln dried on site. Every order is made to measure to your specifications. 

Since all our products are bespoke, orders cannot be cancelled once we have accepted them for hand-crafting.

2. Wooden tops and furniture construction

Earthy® Timber ‘s wooden tops and furniture are manufactured from English & European hardwoods that have been bonded using moisture resistant B3 or B4 glue, sanded to 120 grit and delivered raw, square, live edged or part live, part square edged and ready for finishing, unless you have requested our additional services. 

All timber is professionally vacuum kiln dried to 8-10% moisture content on our premises. 

This sophisticated procedure performed in our on-site vacuum kiln chamber guarantees the best quality and stability of the kiln dried wood at its core, subject to correct installation and maintenance. The kiln drying process also kills any wood infections.

Stave width (wooden plank width) depends on the type of the product, our tops are made from random stave (wood plank) width as indicated in individual product descriptions. 

The type of construction, stave widths, lengths and thickness may vary from the sample, image, or from piece to piece. 

Please note that we allow a +/- 2-3 mm scope for manufacturing tolerance width/length/thickness /per cut (square edges only)

Our staves (planks) are random width therefore if you wish to preserve the continuity of the stave from one wooden top to another, you will need to buy a longer top that can then be cut into requested smaller sizes for you.

Due to the manufacturing tolerance, the complete wooden top may have one stave (plank) with a reduced width at one long side of the top, in order to achieve the desired width of the whole surface.

3. Live edge wood fluctuance

Because wood is a natural product, the width of the countertop containing the live edge or part live edge cannot be exact as each live edge will have different variance depending on the shape of the tree (on average around 100mm however it can be less, it can be more).

If you are limited by space it is your responsibility to provide us with the minimum and the maximum width (depth) of the surface and we will ensure to choose the planks to meet this requirement.

We will assume you are happy with this natural fluctuance (variation) if you only provided us with one measurement (eg 500mm width) We cannot be held responsible if your surface’s live edge fluctuance is less or more than the width you provided us with (as per this example 500mm) but we will ensure the crafted surface is as close to the requested width as possible unless you have clearly stated the minimum and the maximum width required.

The natural live edge fluctuance can be restricted with squaring parts of it in places, sometimes with use of resin to present the most attractive aspects of the plank but also to get as close to your requested width as possible.

4. Wood is a natural product and the way we work with our timber

Earthy® Timber chooses to work with natural timbers full of rustic characteristics and we personally select all tree trunks for our projects. We preserve a wood plank’s rustic beauty and individuality whilst transforming them into practical tops and tables. Our rustic modern wooden tops and furniture are very tactile; irresistible to touch. Natural wood character features such as knots, voids and splits are filled with resin & wood fillers or left in their natural state where suits the plank  (not necessarily filled). If you choose, the natural contour of live edge(s) of the product can be finished smooth. Our Products balance the beauty of natural wood with its practical aspects, and the wood is crafted in a sympathetic manner.

Earthy® Timber ‘s products are individually hand crafted, they are “one of a kind” creations, and not mass- manufactured in a factory.  Each piece of wood is unique, and we find a way to achieve the best out of the planks selected for each project. Although there may be similarities in our products, no 2 projects will ever look the same. Each plank has its own unique markings, colourations and grain patterns, and the effect achieved by these makes each one a remarkable piece of art.

As a result, our products will have distinct variations from one piece to the next, caused by distinctions in material, our hand crafting process, and using the most applicable ‘within your budget’ hand finishing techniques.

Our products are intended to have these hand-finishing characteristics.

In our crafting process we may also combine the timber with other materials such as resin, glass, wood filler, iron, steel, aluminium, brass etc. to produce a stunning centrepiece of unique interest.

The characterful nature of English timber and European timber makes them the most beautiful of hardwoods. The strength of English and European hardwood is a result of a unique inner structure of vessels, fibre and tight grain. The natural beauty of wood is found in natural features such as knots, voids, holes, beetle cavities (please note kiln drying process eliminates any wood bugs and infections) heartwood, sapwood, bark, mineral streaks or medullary rays. Wood rays are a distinct figuring which is usually associated with top end, quarter-sawn timber. These ribbon-like cells allow sap to flow through the trunk, making them an essential part of the growing process of the tree. When the trunk is cut, the cells produce beautiful silky silver markings across the sawn area that become particularly prominent when the wood is finished. 

Wood is a natural product, no two finished products will ever look the same, therefore unless specifically requested, we cannot guarantee replication of colour from piece to piece. Please note that our colour matching service from piece to piece is a premium service available at an additional cost.

Timber is a natural product and cannot be replicated unvaryingly. If you don’t like natural characteristics, associated with character  wood, it is unlikely our pieces will please you. If this is the case, then please consider using manmade materials such as artificial composites, Corian or concrete etc,  they have uniformity and predictability that might be more suitable for your project.

5. Professional vacuum kiln drying 

Our timber is professionally vacuum kiln dried by our experts in house. It therefore has the ideal,  below 10% moisture content, which guarantees wood stability if correctly fitted and maintained as per our instructions.

6. Samples

Wood is a natural product and cannot be replicated, from piece to piece. Our large, cheese board size (and are intended to be used as such) wood samples cost £100+vat each,  and are for guidance only. Please note we offer sale by description, not sale by sample service, and you accept the fact that each piece of wood will have different characteristics and therefore  a unique finish within your budget.

7. Timber selection

For single items valued at over £10,000+vat we welcome clients to come, view and select our extensive stock of vacuum kiln dried wood slabs for their bespoke project. Timber selection and visits to the Earthy® Timber ‘s wood yard and workshop are avaialable strictly by invitation only.

For any products not meeting these criteria, clients can be assured that the quality & aesthetic beauty of the timber will be consistent unless you wanted to secure this service for an additional cost of £360+vat.

It takes considerable knowledge and judgment to look at a piece of rough sawn wood and visualise the finished piece. Earthy® Timber ‘s talented craftsmen instinctively know through their experience, and an eye for detail, how to accomplish the best results and highlight the most beautiful aspects of the wood within your specified budget.  

The minimum prices can be found in Earthy® Timber ‘s Online Shop  but we can add more prominent features and extra finishes individually tailored to the chosen wood plank / countertop at an additional cost.

Wood cannot be restrained down to a specific engineering specification, like metal, composite or plastic.  It is a living material with random characteristics which is a part of wood’s charm and our experience confirms it’s best to leave the plank selection in the hands of experts, or at least with their support.

8. Your chosen furniture won’t fit through the door

If the chosen pieces are too large or awkward to be carried to the designated space, we may apply alternative manufacturing methods that will allow our bespoke products to be carried to the room of your choice and assembled on site. This service is usually associated with an additional cost. 

9. Incorrect installation invalidates warranty

We are confident that our products will give you many years of excellent service. However, we cannot be liable for any faults in the surfaces that are caused by poor installation, or by using the wrong fixings, or by installation in adverse site conditions.

When you just buy a top from us, you can choose to have it installed by our own specially trained carpenters, who have high standards, are familiar with the characteristics of our products, and have experience installing them. 

Alternatively, of course, you can have the installation carried out by your own fitter. In this case we strongly recommend seeking advice from a competent trade person who has the appropriate knowledge and skill in fitting wooden surfaces. Please note that incorrect installation invalidates the warranty on our products and you will need to pursue your installer for remedy or reimbursement.

10. The consequences of incorrect installation

If any cracks appear on your top after installation it is inevitably a proof of incorrect fitting or poor maintenance.

This may be due to, but not limited to, the following incorrect procedures being applied:

1/ wrong fixings being used – the timber has to be able to move across the grain, therefore the holes used in the fitting procedure should be drilled at least twice as big as the diameter of the screws and held in position with the washers. If the timber hasn’t got room to move, it will always split.

2/ any wood cut outs must be a minimum distance of 3-5mm each side from any fixtures (depends on size, type of appliance/fixture). Exact cut outs will not allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the timber, and inevitably result in cracks occurring   

3/ lack of use of end cups where required e.g. against a range cooker, fire place or where open grain is exposed to excessively intense sunlight. Open grain is particularly vulnerable to heat, if not protected with opposite direction wood sections.

4/ an unsupported overhang will most likely cause warping and deformation of the top. The principle is that unsupported joints have to be reinforced across the width

5/ unsuitable table legs being used that do not allow for natural expansion and contraction of the table top. This can be prevented by using our specially designed and made in house  legs, which are calibrated to the size and weight of the  top and will allow for natural movement across the grain of the wooden top.

The majority of the legs available on the market are not designed for wooden surfaces, their small circular holes do not allow for the movement in wood across the grain, their supporting plates are often not wide enough to give adequate support to the top, or the material they are made of may not be robust enough to hold the weight of the top. Any of our table tops not fitted to our customised legs are therefore outside the scope of our guarantee.

6/ not using the pilot holes when fitting the tops may cause the wood to split. The pilot hole’s role is to prepare the wood for the fixing and it has to be around 1mm diameter smaller than the actual screw. 

7/lack of air circulation, Steam and condensation trapped under the wooden top will damage the top, will cause splits and the wooden top will warp. This must be carefully considered before fitting the worksurface. e.g. holes should be drilled on a minimum of 40% of the top of the cabinets with full tops, to allow for the air movement around the surface, 

8/ moisture barrier not used to protect the wooden top from any possible heat or moisture generated by any appliance causing steam and condensation to build under the top. The difference in temperature and humidity on the top and bottom of the worksurface and any intensive heat generated by any appliance will cause wood splitting and/or  bowing and/or cupping

9/ over-tightening the screws blocks the natural expansion and contraction in timber, this will cause the stresses and result in the wood splitting 

Please note these are examples rather than a comprehensive list of fitting mistakes that would invalidate warranty. 

Unless we are surveying and fitting the project we cannot be held responsible for incorrect procedures being applied to our goods and can only offer general fitting recommendations as per our Fitting and Installation Guide. 

We have produced as detailed as possible Installation and Maintenance Guide and failure to follow good woodworking procedures means that your fitter accepts full responsibility for final fitting and any subsequent damage to the wooden product. Your fitter is also taking full responsibility for final installation recommendations specific to your project. 

If you choose to use your own fitters, please ensure they are fully insured and can guarantee the quality of their fitting  Our guarantee on the product ceases if these correct fitting procedures are not strictly adhered to. At this point any errors made would  have to be rectified by your fitter. Please note these errors would immediately invalidate your warranty with us for the product.  

If we are called to site to inspect any problems highlighted but not limited to the above,  we will take an initial minimum sum of £180+vat plus cost of travel prior to booking a visit.  Any resultant work, caused by your fitter’s incompetence would incur additional charges if we accept to remedy it for you.

The charge will be fully refundable in the unlikely event that the product is faulty due to a manufacturing error. 

11. Timber movement

Movement in solid timber cannot be prevented. This is a perfectly normal occurrence and not a fault.

Micro splits may appear on the surface; this is because wood is a living material that expands and contracts according to the surrounding humidity & temperature levels. Micro splits are usually associated with overheating or when the timber had contact with water and dried quickly numerous times, or when an oiled surface  was not maintained as per instructions; when lacquer had worn off and water found its way under a protective finish, so please check that you have taken all necessary care as per our maintenance guide, to prevent further damage. Otherwise the splits are caused by incorrect installation and you will need to contact your installer to remedy the problem for you.

Any minor cracks, faults or defects can be filled neatly and easily using a similar coloured wax wood filler available in the majority of builders stores. 

Please note small cracks and movements do not constitute any fault with the timber or construction.

In the unfortunate event of your worktop sustaining damage, the surface can be sanded down and refinished, restoring its original beauty.

12. Ordering 

You can place an order for our bespoke made products by following the process outlined on our sites www.earthytimber.com & www.earthytimber.com/store Our process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your order with us. Please take the time to read and check your order at each stage of the ordering process.

It is your obligation to check that the information and materials (eg. specification, plans, designs, lists, dimensions, shapes of products required) provided by you, and those provided by us, is correct, in order that our confirmation and associated correspondence are accurate and suitable for your use, before you place an order with us, and that you have full ability to receive the products ordered. This includes ensuring that the products ordered will pass freely into your room of choice, they fit in that room, can be transported through all doors, stairs and passageways, and there are no other issues that could make the delivery difficult or impossible.  

All orders are subject to our acceptance. The contract between you and us will only be made when we send you your order confirmation and your payment has cleared. We will send you a further email/or call you when your order is due to be dispatched to agree a mutually convenient date and delivery/collection slot.

To enable us to process your order, you will need to provide us with your e-mail address. We will notify you by e-mail as soon as possible to confirm receipt of your order and to confirm details. 

13. Payment

We accept payment with the payment methods listed on our site. We must receive payment for the total price of the goods that you order before your order can be accepted. Payment of the price for the goods represents an offer on your part to purchase the goods. In exceptional circmastances we may agree payment in 2 stages. First half on placing an order. The final payment has to be made minimum 4-5 weeks prior to agreed delivery/colletion date.

We accept no liability if a delivery is delayed because you did not give us the correct payment details. If it is not possible to obtain full payment for the goods and applicable delivery from you, then we can refuse to process your order and/or suspend any further deliveries to you. This does not affect any other rights we may have. 

14. The manufacturing process 

Once the Company sends the confirmation of order and payment has cleared, there is a binding and legal contract between you and the Company and the bespoke fabrication will commence. 

The manufacturing time initially quoted will not be applicable if the Company has not yet received the relevant information from the Customer.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the information and materials supplied are correct for their required use. We cannot be held liable if any measurements or templates supplied by you are subsequently found to be incorrect.

It is your responsibility as a Customer to ensure that the sizes, shapes and dimensions detailed in your correspondence are correct for what you require. Before manufacture, we will produce an order confirmation which is the basis on which we will produce the goods. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the order and ensure that the sizes, shapes and all the details of your order, as detailed in the order confirmation email, are correct for what you require.

15. Delivery/Collection

We will contact you before your delivery/collection is due and if necessary our representative will give you a courtesy call on the day with estimated time of arrival.

Please note that delivery/collection  timescales are estimates. Although we will make every reasonable effort to deliver our “handcrafted to order” products within the quoted time-frame, due to our bespoke crafting process, the lead time is given in good faith, but is not guaranteed, and no liability will be accepted for any loss whatsoever suffered or caused through late delivery or non-delivery. The date of delivery or date of installation shall not be of the essence. If we are unable to meet the estimated dispatch/delivery/collection date, we will contact you with a revised estimated date.

When your surface is delivered/collected  it is the customer’s responsibility  to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product by checking for any damage or defects in the presence of our driver or our representative. Please ensure that a competent person is present at the delivery to examine the timber and sign for it (over 18 years old). We will assume that the product has been accepted unless any problems are reported on the delivery note and reported to us within 2 working days via email. No claims for loss or damage can be made after this.

Bespoke products which have been delivered and signed for by the customer or their representative will be considered as having been accepted. In the unlikely event that visible product defects become evident at a later date, no liability for the removal of the countertop or the installation of a replacement will be accepted. If you feel you need to return the surface, please see the end of this document for return conditions.

In the unlikely event there is nobody to receive and sign for the delivery, obstructed access, (such as a cluttered walkway), or lack of suitable helpers, we reserve the right to charge for the re-delivery of the goods at the initial fee. If your order has been delivered at no cost, as a part of a promotional offer, this is only applicable for the first attempt, any subsequent re-deliveries will be charged at the full rate. 

The goods can be extremely heavy. Due to limitations of handling heavy goods, and to fulfil the health and safety implications to our operational and transport staff when handling (unless you have ordered our premium delivery service) we would like to emphasize that it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the sufficient number of suitably fit people (over 18 years old) to carry the goods from the van to the designated area. As our deliveries are handled ‘driver only’, our responsibility is to deliver to the kerb only, however our driver may assist in carrying the customer’s goods to the nearest ground floor access point of the property with assistance from the customer or nominated able bodied person(s).

The goods are the customer’s responsibility once they leave the van, and it is not part of the contract for the driver to carry the goods, therefore we are unable to accept any liability for any damage or injuries incurred after safely exiting the van. Neither Company nor the delivery driver have any legal responsibility whatsoever in their attempt to help the customer.

Please note any bespoke products considered being of an exceptional size or exceptional delivery conditions may be subject to an additional delivery cost.

If the passageways are insufficiently accessible for the delivery of the product(s) in one piece, we may be able to use alternative manufacturing techniques that will enable assembling the goods on site.  Since all our products are handcrafted to order, this service is available to most (if not all) our products at an additional cost.

The delivery/collection note is a legal document and an admissible proof that delivery/collection has been made to you/by you without any shortfall, damage or loss.

We attempt to organise the delivery/collection to occur on a date and delivery/collection slot as close to customer’s requirements as possible, however due to occasions out of our control, the delivery/collection of your order may not be possible at the initially agreed time. In the unlikely scenario the delivery/collection will not be possible, we will naturally  give your project our utmost attention to make it available to you as promptly as possible.

Optional premium delivery service

At an additional cost, and on customer request, the tops will be delivered by an adequate number of delivery staff that will carry the customer’s goods to the designated point at your property. 

Please ensure in advance that a suitable unloading area is prepared and a space made ready for storage. It is the customer’s responsibility to guarantee a clear passageway, with enough room  for the product and the helper(s) – from the kerb to the designated area. If there are any obstructions, our staff (or representatives) are entitled to leave the goods at the nearest secure place. It is therefore the customer’s responsibility to make the necessary preparations prior to delivery. If you wish to protect the floor, please lay the coverings before our arrival as our staff cannot remove their shoes due to health and safety reasons. In the unlikely event of damage being caused to customer’s property or possessions due to insufficient passageway, unprotected or unclear access, the Company will bear no responsibility for this. If you wish to report any damages to our Company in connection with loss or damage to your property or possessions during delivery or fitting this will need to take place within 2 working days via electronic mail. No claims for loss or damage will be considered after this.

If the passageways are insufficiently accessible for the delivery of the product(s) in one piece, we may be able to use alternative manufacturing techniques that will enable assembling the goods on site.  Since all our products are handcrafted to order, this service is available to most (if not all) our products at an additional cost.

Should the delivery be unsuccessful due to the customer not being available on the scheduled delivery date,  or obstructed access, the customer will be liable for any costs relating with re-delivery of the items, at the same cost as the initial delivery charge. If your order has been delivered for free as a part of a promotional offer, this is only applicable for the first attempt, any subsequent re-deliveries will be charged at the full rate. 


Please note that collection timescales are estimates. Clients wishing to call at our premises to collect their products will need to be aware of the following conditions:

1/ by prearranged appointment we can have the product ready for collection at the entrance to our workshop

2/ it is the customer’s responsibility to carry, package & secure the item(s) in their vehicle to prevent damage to the product. We would recommend for you to bring the equivalent of 2 or 3 men as the item(s) are heavy & awkward to handle.

Our responsibility for the condition of the product is limited to company premises.

Delaying delivery or collection

Our tops and furniture are crafted to order and  according to our manufacturing schedule. The tops should be installed within a few days from delivery/collection. If you delay delivery or collection after the items have been made, storage of the goods is entirely at  your risk. We will endeavour to store the items carefully, however the Customer agrees that timber, as a natural product, is subject to movement and may move during the period of storage. The Customer explicitly agrees that we are not liable for any such movement, as we cannot prevent it.

Your order can be stored free of charge for up to 7 days from the date we have advised you it is available for delivery/collection, after which there is a £20 +VAT per m2 / week storage charge.

16. Ownership of rights & Visual Art Work Royalties

All rights, including but not limited to photographs, images, videos and copyright, on this website are created and owned by Anna Marek – MAREKETER Organic Marketing and licensed to Earthy® Timber & Treesome TM . Any use  of these websites or their contents, including copying or storing it (or them) in whole or part, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without our permission. You may not modify, distribute or repost anything on this website or social media accounts for any purpose.

All Earthy® Timber and AS Stawicki visual art work is individually designed and hand-crafted to order. These artwork designs  ‘artwork’ (including but not limited to the visual appearance, layout of planks, the finishes) are the property of the Artist  AS STAWICKI and use of the art work designs (including photographs of the products or parts of the products) commercially or for commercial benefit requires AS STAWICKI ‘s written consent.

Use of  ‘artwork’ in any shape or form (including photocopies) for commercial gain eg used for mass product production or promoting any other product rather than  EARTHY ® TIMBER and AS STAWICKI ‘s  art work must be approved by A.S. Stawicki for reasonable artwork royalties.

We will seek financial gratification and in case of illegal use of our designs (including photographs), financial compensation as well as backdated gratification.

The customer owns the art work; the designs of this art work are the property of AS STAWICKI.

17. Images and measurements 

Due to the distinctive nature of our bespoke products, the images of the products on our site are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that your computer will display the colours exactly or reflect the colour of the goods. The EARTHY ® TIMBER ‘s products that are delivered to you may vary from those images. Wood is a natural product, no two  finished products will ever look the same. 

Photographs, drawings, descriptions, weights and measurements shall be treated as a guide only, and are not binding in detail. We reserve the right without notice and without affecting the validity of the contract to make such changes in dimensions, materials, and design as are reasonable and/or required.

18. Accuracy of content

We have taken care in the preparation of the content of this website, in particular to ensure that prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing and that all goods have been described accurately. However, orders will only be processed if there are no material errors in the description of the goods or their prices as advertised on this website. Any weights, dimensions and capacities given about the goods are approximate only. 

Due to the great number of Products on our site, it is possible that some of the Products listed on our website may be inaccurately priced, despite our reasonable efforts. 

We are under no obligation to provide the Product to you at the incorrect (lower) price, even after we have sent you an order acceptance, if the pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as a mis-pricing.

19. Access to the site

Access to our site is permitted on a temporary basis and we may limit or terminate access to our site at any time without any notice. We will not be liable if our site is unavailable at any time or for any period.

We have taken care in the preparation of the content of our site. However, we will not be responsible for any errors or omissions or for any technical problems you may experience with our site. If we are informed of any inaccuracies in the content on our site we will attempt to correct this as soon as we reasonably can.

Whilst we make reasonable efforts to ensure that any information presented on our site is correct, the information on our site is presented without any guarantees, conditions or warranties or any kind and the site is available to you on an “as it is” basis. We are not responsible for anything that occurs from your reliance on the content of our site.

In any event, we will never take any responsibility for User Content, and you use and rely on any User Content entirely at your own risk.

We exclude all warranties and conditions implied by statute, common law or the law of equity, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Because access to our main site is provided free of charge, we will not, in any way, be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) in tort (including negligence), breach of contract, breach of statutory or otherwise (even if foreseeable) in connection with any use you make of our site or the information presented on it.

If you are browsing our site as a consumer, then nothing in these Terms of Use or any additional terms limits any consumer’s legal rights which cannot be changed by these Terms of Use.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the right equipment is available to use the website. Except in the case of negligence on our part, we will not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise to computer equipment as a result of using this website.

You may link to our homepages www.earthytimber.com, www.earthytimber.com/store provided you do so in a way that is fair, legal and does not take advantage of our reputation or damage our reputation. You must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of endorsement, association or approval on our part where none exist. You agree to remove any link to our site on a website owned or controlled by you on receipt request from us.

20. Availability

All orders are subject to acceptance and availability. If the goods you have ordered cannot be manufactured, we will contact you by e-mail or phone (if you have given us details). 

21. Ordering amendments and errors

You are able to correct errors on your order up to the point on which they are accepted for production. No addition or alteration to the order will be valid unless agreed in writing by the Company. In the event of such alteration, a surcharge may be required at the discretion of the Company.

22. Price

The prices payable for goods that you order are as set out on our website or quoted individually. 

The price of an individual product excludes any delivery costs. Delivery cost will be added to the order and set out as part of the total amount due, during the order process. 

23. Delivery charges

Delivery charges vary according to the distance and type of goods ordered.

We offer a delivery service in accordance with the timescales shown against each Product on our site. Please note that delivery timescales are estimates.

You will be required to pay extra for delivery and it might not be possible for us to deliver to some locations.

Please note that we are only able to deliver to addresses within the United Kingdom, but excluding the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man, the Scottish Isles, parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Isles. These locations can be quoted separately as we ship our bespoke handmade furniture all over the world. 

We will deliver the goods to the address you specify for delivery in your order. It is important that this address is accurate. We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to the goods once they have been delivered in accordance with your delivery instructions (unless this is caused by our negligence). We will aim to deliver the goods by the date quoted for delivery but delivery times are not guaranteed and therefore time is not of the essence. 

24. Risk and ownership

Risk of damage to or loss of the goods passes to you at the time of collection/delivery to you. If you choose to use your own courier then the risk passes to you as soon as the goods are handed to your courier or representative. 

Ownership of the goods will pass to you when we receive full payment of all sums due in respect of the products, including delivery charges and the good have been collected or delivered. 

25. Cancellation rights

Once the Company sends the confirmation of order and payment has been processed, a contract is created with our Company and the bespoke fabrication will commence. Since all our products are bespoke, orders cannot be cancelled once contract has been created and we have accepted the goods for production.

In exceptional circumstances and in our absolute discretion we may allow the customer to cancel the order if the manufacturing process hasn’t started.  Cancellation of orders will only be accepted if the Company has agreed in writing and on condition that you reimburse the Company all costs and expenses or losses and damages resulting from the cancellation. We reserve the right to offer or withdraw this cancellation option at any time.

26. Right to decline services

We reserve the right to decline services to any customer in instances of, but not limited to:

  1. We have insufficient stock to produce the goods you have ordered;
  2. We do not deliver to your area
  3. One or more of the goods you ordered was listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error
  4. The order dimensions have been submitted via manipulation of the system, this also includes any glitches or bugs in the software that result in an incorrect design and/or pricing, no matter how they arise 

If we do not process your order for the above reasons, we will notify you by e-mail and refund your payment.

27. Liability

Our countertops and furniture are a premium quality product hand-crafted to order to the highest standards. Every order is made to measure to your specifications. We confirm  that on collection/delivery the goods you have ordered shall conform in all material respects with the agreed specification and be free from material defects in design, material and workmanship.

For the purposes of this section, you acknowledge the following:

1/ natural imperfections, cracks resulting from natural expansion and contraction, variations in the colour, use of resin or wood filler, minor variations in size of the goods shall not be non-conformities or material defects due to the nature of the goods, being goods handcrafted (not mass manufactured) from natural timber. 

2/ you agree that you shall treat all images and samples provided to you by us as approximate guides only and we cannot guarantee the uniformity from image or sample to the product due to the earthy nature of the goods and individual handcrafting process. The products delivered to you may vary from those images/ samples. Types of construction, stave widths, lengths and thickness may vary from the image/ sample or from piece to piece. There may be occasions when the tops need to be  substantially  sanded in order to offer the best finish. This means that in some instances our goods may have slightly less than the advertised thickness. If this is the case, we will uniformly sand all the tops to the same thickness to provide a consistent product.

3/ You have read and understood our Terms and Conditions and the important information laid out in this document as well as our Fitting and Maintenance guide.

4/ No claims for discrepancies  or damage can be made after installation, as fitting of our goods constitutes acceptance of the product in its delivered/collected state, and we will not accept any claims for discrepancies once the Customer has performed any work on our goods, including, but not limited to, sanding, cutting, shaping, edging, finishing or application of oil/lacquer or varnish. Any work carried out on the worktops constitutes immediate acceptance of the goods.

5/we take no responsibility if your fitter (or the customer) doesn’t have adequate knowledge to fit the tops, and we are unable to commit time to give detailed advice unless we survey and fit the goods, also, unless we are surveying the job, we haven’t got all the information to hand. Please use our fitting instructions for further advice and/or ask us for our additional services available at an additional cost (eg finishing, fitting legs, supporting plates, fitting dowels, fitting end cups). We will not accept responsibility for goods returned by you because you haven’t got sufficient knowledge to fit them.

6/ We shall not be liable for products’ failure to comply with the warranty if you make any further use of goods after giving notice of a defect; the defect arises because you failed to follow our installation and aftercare instructions and good woodworking practices as to the storage, installation, use and maintenance of the goods; the defect arises as a result of us following any drawing, design or specification supplied by you; you have altered or repaired such goods without our written consent, conditions arising  as a result of fair wear and tear, negligence, wilful damage, misuse, incorrect storage, working conditions; the goods differ from the agreed specification as a result of changes made to ensure they comply with applicable statutory or regulatory requirements.

7/we have +/- 3-5 mm scope for manufacturing tolerance width (refers to square edged surfaces only) /length/thickness and the unfinished surfaces might be delivered/available for collection oversized to allow for final adjustments before your finishing service

8/ we have a +/- 3-5 mm allowance per cut. All timber reacts differently when cut. When undertaking work on  a customer’s project, the customer accepts that unforeseen variations in the wood may result in minor breakouts or machine marks. In order to minimize any possible effects of this, we may choose to modify or amend any cut outs or sizes as it sees fit to best deal with the situation or use resin or wood filler in order to repair such damage. 

9/ The Customer accepts that these variations in character,  density and hardness of timber are natural features, and not a fault. We will take all reasonable steps to avoid alterations with wood filler however in certain circumstances, ‘flaws’ within the timber are exposed during the manufacturing process and we may not be able to enhance them with resin and may use a wood filler which in certain situations are a preferred solution. You accept that wood is a natural product, and that the application of resin or wood filler are not a fault. 

10/The Customer agrees that we will use our own judgment in using various finishing techniques as we feel best fit your project, such as resin and/or wood filler and/or leaving some features in their natural state, shape of live edge, squaring live edge in places, and you accept these are the characteristics of the product and it does not form a basis for complaint

11/ We are only responsible for losses that are a natural, foreseeable consequence of our breach of these terms and conditions.  We do not accept liability if we are prevented or delayed from complying with our obligations set out in these terms and conditions, by anything you (or anyone acting with your express or implied authority) does or fails to do, or is due to events which are beyond our reasonable control. 

12/ Furthermore, we do not accept liability for any losses related to any business of yours including but not limited to: lost data, lost profits, lost revenues or business interruption.

You must observe and comply with all applicable regulations and legislation, including obtaining all necessary customs, import or other permits to purchase goods from our site.  The importation or exportation of certain of our goods to you may be prohibited by certain national laws.  We make no representation and accept no liability in respect of the export or import of the goods you purchase.

If you have any questions or complaints about the goods please contact us.  In an unlikely event that our bespoke surfaces are found to be faulty, we reserve the right to repair, which may involve the return of the faulty item to our workshop. We may at our discretion replace the items if deemed necessary. We will endeavour to complete this work as soon as possible and you agree to let us perform remedial work at your premises if we deem that to be the best solution. If we decide the goods need to be returned to the workshop, you will be responsible for the removal. Any cost of removal and re-installation will be the customer’s responsibility, no matter what the reason.

In the unlikely event that damage or loss has occurred, the customer is under a duty to mitigate their loss as far as reasonably possible. The customer must state exactly what the problem is and give us the unfettered right to evaluate and rectify the matter. The Customer also accepts that any liability for damage does not extend beyond the repair or replacement of the particular damaged product.

We are under a legal duty to supply goods that are in conformity with this contract and in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (the Act). Goods can only be returned by special agreement with the Company. If they are to be returned, they must be correctly packaged to prevent any damage in transit. The cost of returning and insuring the goods is the sole responsibility of the Customer. If any items are received in a damaged condition we cannot issue a refund and you must contact the carrier for reimbursement and/or return. All returns must be agreed in writing by both parties before the goods are returned. The goods must be returned within 5 working days from the date you have received an email from us accepting the return.  No goods can be returned after this time.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit any rights you might have as a consumer under applicable local law or other statutory rights that may not be excluded nor in any way to exclude or limit our liability to you for any death or personal injury resulting from our negligence.   

 28. Gift vouchers

You may choose to have the gift voucher emailed/sent to the recipient  on a pre-determined date of your choice or print the gif voucher yourself. 

Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue and cannot be extended

The value of any gift voucher you use will be deducted  from the total cost of your order. If any balance remains to be spent from the gift voucher, it can be used on a future order. There is no minimum spend required and the gift voucher can be redeemed against any purchase including delivery charges.

When you use a gift voucher you warrant to us that you are the duly authorised recipient of the gift voucher, and that you are using it in accordance with these Terms of Sale, lawfully in  good faith. If we believe that a gift voucher is being used in breach of these Terms of Sale, unlawfully or in bad faith, we may reject or cancel the gift voucher.

Any order for products made using a gift voucher will be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

29. Notices

Unless otherwise expressly stated in these terms and conditions, all notices from you to us must be in writing and sent to our contact address and all notices from us to you will be displayed on our website from time to time.

30. Changes to legal notices

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and you should look through them as often as possible.

31. Law, jurisdiction and language

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32. Invalidity

If any part of these terms and conditions is unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.

33. Privacy

You acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.

34. Third party rights

Nothing in this Agreement is intended to, nor shall it confer any rights on a third party.

35. Other important terms

If you have a dispute with us relating to our contract with you, in the first instance please contact us in writing (by email or letter) and attempt to resolve the dispute with us informally.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve the dispute informally, please note that EU operates an online dispute resolution platform, a process where an independent body considers the facts of a dispute and seeks to resolve it, without you having to go to court. If you have a dispute arising from online purchase, you may submit the dispute for online resolution to the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution platform.

Fitting and Installation Guide

We are confident that our products will give you many years of excellent service. However,we cannot be liable for any faults in the surfaces that are caused by poor installation, or by using the wrong fixings, or by installation in adverse site conditions.

When you just buy a top from us, you can choose to have it installed by our own specially trained carpenters, who are familiar with the characteristics of our products, and have experience installing them. 

Alternatively, of course, you can have the installation carried out by your own fitter. In this case we strongly recommend seeking advice from a competent trade person who has the appropriate knowledge and skill in fitting wooden surfaces. Please note that incorrect installation invalidates the warranty on our products and you will need to pursue your installer for remedy or reimbursement.


Storage position – The goods leave our workshop acclimatised and in a level state. When you have received the surfaces store them horizontally and flat on bearers, so that air can circulate between them. A surface should never be stored vertically against a wall. Tops which have not been finished (oiled, varnished, lacquered or encapsulated in resin) in our factory should be treated immediately after the protective wrapping has been removed (if there is any), and it is advisable to install the surface as soon as possible after it has been delivered.

Temperature and humidity – As with all solid timber products, before you install them they should be stored in a dry, room temperature place, away from all sources of heat and moisture. Please ensure that any plaster in a room in which the timber is stored or installed is completely dry and that the timber is kept away from direct sources of heat.

Because wood is a living material which expands and contracts according to the surrounding humidity levels, if the surface is exposed to different moisture levels on the top and underside, it will start ‘bowing’ or warping. Consequently, avoid any significant changes in temperature or humidity during storage and installation. 


Please inspect your goods thoroughly on  delivery and before any preparation/installation process commences. Any changes made to any of our goods, that alter the product’s original condition constitute immediate acceptance of the product. The Company will be not held responsible for any damage or fault caused by negligent storage, preparation, installation or failure to comply with our installation and aftercare instructions.

Our character wooden tops and furniture are designed to be used in standard heated domestic or office interiors. Timber is a natural material and is affected by changes in temperature and humidity, which means, it expands and contracts naturally across the grain. It is essential to follow the correct storage and installation procedure to allow for this movement and to ensure you get the most from your product for generations to come. 

Make sure that all your kitchen structures and cabinets are fully fitted and levelled and the room is clear of any dust or debris. All plumbing operations and wet work must be finished and plaster completely dry (allow a minimum of six weeks for this).

Wooden tops must not be installed above radiators and other heating devices.

The wooden top should be adequately supported during all cutting, drilling or sawing operations.

 A and B sides

Our wooden tops have an A and a B side. The A side should be used as the visible top surface. The side of the fully finished surface is smoother and usually will present more beautiful aspects of the top than the B side. You will be able to distinguish which side is intended to be the top side, but both top and bottom will be structurally sound.  You may find minor, unsealed with resin, or wood filler imperfections on the B side but this will not affect the worktop’s structural performance and does not mean the worktop should be rejected. Inspect the top carefully before installation to establish which is the A side.

Our protective finishing service – lacquer and oil explained

If you want to receive your surface ready to be used immediately, we recommend our in house finishing service. This includes surface fine sanding – preparing the tops for treatment with hard-wearing lacquer finish. 

Treatment using our recommended lacquer is ideal for surfaces requiring a durable and water resistant finish. The protective layer built with the treatment is water, heat, alcohol and food acid-resistant and does not require ongoing maintenance. The surface is also  finely sanded between the coats of treatment. 

You may also choose to have your surface finished  with a blend of oil, please note this finish is not as resilient to water marks or glass rings and may give your surface a slightly orange/yellow colour, whilst lacquer finish preserves the natural colour of the timber.

Resin encapsulation waterproof  finish is the most durable yet the most expensive finishing technique reserved for Earthy® Timber luxury range.

Alternatively you may choose to purchase an unfinished surface, which comes with basic sanding  (120 grit) and therefore will require further processing:

 Your  protective finishing service

Sanding – Wooden work tops need to be treated on both sides prior to installation. First of all, give them a final finish sanding (although they come to you sanded, they still need a final going over with a finer paper). Start with a 150 grit paper and sand down the whole surface and exposed edges, then repeat with 180 grit. Always work the sand paper along the grain, otherwise scratches will show.

Treating – Different treatments can be applied to wooden surfaces. Since we prefer preserving the natural colour of the wood, and to give a resilient finish, we usually use and recommend lacquer, however your surface can also be finished with oil or varnish. Whatever finish you choose, please seek professional advice if you want to combine different treatments, and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

Whatever treatment you choose, it is very important to remember that all sides of the wooden top must be treated! Pay particular attention to end grain edges, ends, and concealed edges, cut-outs for sinks, around tap holes, fitting notches and slots, and also the end grain on tap plinths. 

Different treatments will require different applications. The surfaces should be treated at least four times, allowing the treatment to dry, and giving the wooden top  a light sanding in between coats. Work the finish into the worktop in the direction of the wood grain for best results. Once the wooden tops have been fitted, they may need another coat of oil (oil treated surfaces only) on the top surface to create a really good finish. 

Drying time is dependent on the product,  room temperature and air circulation, so the best results can be achieved in warm, well-aired rooms. 


We go to great lengths to provide detailed information about installation of wooden surfaces, however this is not a comprehensive guide as it is impossible to cover every single scenario, therefore we recommend that you use an experienced carpenter to fit the wooden tops.  Failure to follow our installation guide and good woodworking procedures means that your fitter accepts full responsibility for final fitting and any subsequent damage to the wooden product. Your fitter is also taking the full responsibility for final installation recommendations specific to your project. 

Unless we are surveying and fitting the project we cannot be held responsible for incorrect procedures being applied and can only offer general fitting recommendations as per our Fitting and Installation Guide.

If you choose to use your own fitters please ensure they are fully insured and can guarantee the quality of their fitting.  Our guarantee on the product ceases if these correct fitting procedures are not strictly adhered to. At this point any errors made would  have to be  rectified by your fitter. Please note these errors would immediately invalidate your warranty for the product.  

It is extremely important to make sure that the installation is done correctly. Any mistakes made during the installation may cause problems with the final appearance and functioning of the wood top and will invalidate the warranty.

Positioning the wooden worktop – Timber worksurfaces must be installed with a clear 3-5mm gap (depending on individual circumstances) between their edges or ends and adjacent wall surfaces. The gaps serve two purposes: firstly, they prevent a moisture bridge forming when the timber meets the wall surface, and secondly, they allow the timber to move naturally as it expands and contracts across its grain in response to changes in humidity and temperature in the room.

Spirit level – For the wooden tops to function perfectly it is essential that all supporting bases have been installed correctly with a spirit level so the upper surfaces are completely level. 

Fixing – The tops must be fixed down using slotted angle brackets only (or their equivalent) It is important to use the slot that runs at right angles to the direction of the grain. The cross grain slots in the brackets with roundhead screws will accommodate the natural movement of the timber whilst holding the worksurface down. Fix the brackets to the base unit side panels only, as the top rails are not strong enough. Similarly, take care not to over-tighten the screws to allow for the expansion and contraction of the timber, as failure to do so may cause stresses and result in splitting the timber.

For units with top panels, first drill an oversized hole (10-12mm) through the top panel, then fix the slotted angle bracket with a larger washer and screw directly under the panel. This will allow the wooden top to slide over the washer when timber expands and contracts in reaction to change of humidity or temperature. These top panels must be drilled or cut out over at least 40% of their area to allow the underside of the wooden top to breathe, to allow steam and condensation to disperse, and to ensure the same moisture levels on the top and the bottom of the wood work surface. Failure to do this will cause the surface to bow and split.

Where the wooden tops span appliances alone or are unsupported into a corner, cut and fix timber wall rails to support the tops and attach the slotted brackets. Tops that span two appliances side by side must be supported by a mid-panel fixed between them. 

Do not fix wooden tops directly into masonry. Fit them over timber spacers 5-10mm thick, which are set on a damp proof membrane. This will prevent the transmission of moisture and provides space for air to circulate under the top.

Overhang – It is essential that the worksurface is adequately supported and secured through its length and width with slotted brackets (or equivalent) The size of the unsupported overhang depends on a combination of different factors and can only be decided on an “ individual basis” 

Cupped or bowed surfaces – The wooden top can cup or bow if the top and bottom surfaces are not in balance with each other due to different levels of moisture. This may occur if the top has been stored incorrectly, the top surface is being kept too wet, the surface has been installed over a heater, a moisture barrier has not been fitted on the underside of the wood top to protect it from the heat and steam produced by built-in appliances, moisture is leaking onto it from a pipe or appliance, or if the slotted brackets and screws have not been fitted or are not functioning, the overhang rules have not been adhered to.

In this case you will need a different installation procedure (or perhaps a re-installation). Please follow these steps:

1.      Firstly fix the length of the back of the wooden top to the supporting cabinets 

2.      Slowly and carefully pull the wood top downwards using clamps and battens

3.      Pull the worksurface down at the front before fixing it with screws, taking care not to over tighten them

4.      Remember about the final adjustments of the fittings

It is important to allow time for the wooden top to equalise and completely return to its flat shape and settle, otherwise the timber may split. When the moisture levels return to equilibrium the two surfaces will find their natural balance. 

Joints – These must be butted in order to accommodate the cross grain movement of the timber. Each joint should be held and aligned with at least three worktop bolts and four biscuits for standard size worktop ~620mm wide. Wider tops will require more fixings pro rata (one bolt and one biscuit for each additional 200mm) 

Mitre joints require different and very careful installation. Only use them if the skills and conditions on site will guarantee that the joints can be correctly installed. 

The end grain on wooden kitchen worktop joints must all be edge-sealed during assembly with low modulus silicone.

The positioning and number of the fixings is unique to each project. Only a knowledgeable and experienced fitter can carry out the installation. The important points to watch for include, but are not limited to: the positioning of the supports under the wooden top (such as cabinets, end panels and legs), the dimensions of the worksurface, stave width, grain direction, the size of the overhang, end cups, the positioning and type of appliances and individual conditions in the room.

Remember to always carry out a final tightening and adjustment of the joints to complete the installation.

End caps – Cut and fit end caps on wooden kitchen worktops which will be situated next to Range Cookers, Agas, boilers and other hot appliances or sources of heat such as fire place,  that run continuously, or for long periods of time. End caps are also necessary on tops next to dropped hobs or where open grain is exposed to excessively intense sunlight. Open grain is particularly vulnerable to heat, if not protected with opposite direction wood sections. 

 Cut-outs and allowance for expansion and contraction – Great care must be taken when installing sinks into timber worksurfaces due to the possibility of water penetrating into the joints and timber if incorrect procedures and materials are used.

Cut-outs for lay-on sinks and hobs must have a clearance of 3-5mm  per side, i.e. 6-10mm overall (depending on individual circumstances) to allow for cross-grain timber movement.

For accuracy, quality and safety, cut outs for undermounted sinks should be benchcut, using jigs and a router, not a jig saw.

The edges of all concealed cut-outs for lay-on sinks and appliances and tap holes must be smoothed and thoroughly sealed with edge seal. This will prevent damage to the timber from condensation and any leakage. 

Flush mounted sinks should not be fitted into wooden worksurfaces.

If you need to bring pipes up through the worktop, you should make a 3-5mm  (depending on  individual circumstances) allowance for expansion/contraction around the pipe. The hole for the taps must be at least 5mm larger in diameter than the water pipe. All end grain must be thoroughly sealed with low modulus silicone sealer to prevent moisture damage to the worktop. 

Belfast sinks must have an overhang of at least 10mm and the edges must be treated frequently and regularly to prevent the worktop splitting. 

If you are going to fit a waste disposal unit to an undermounted sink after installation, you will need to provide additional support. 

Make sure that there is always at least 250mm from the appliance cut-out to the end of the worktop, or between two cut-outs.

Leave minimum 30mm gaps between the ends of tops and freestanding appliances, cookers etc.

Moisture barrierIf you are going to install a built-under oven, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer or fridge/freezer under the worksurface, you should take care to ensure that the protective deflector often provided by the appliance manufacturer is fitted correctly to the underside of the worktop to protect it from any intense heat or moisture. Fitting a moisture barrier underneath the worktop prevents any excessive heat, moisture, steam directly affecting the wooden surface.

Upstands – It is important that upstands are fixed to the wall and not to the worktop. There should be a 2mm gap between the worktop and the upstand. The only connection between the upstand and the worktop should be low modulus silicone sealant, allowing natural movement of your wooden top.

Table Legs fitting  – A word of caution – the majority of table legs available on the market are not designed for wooden tops, their small circular holes do not allow for the movement in wood across the grain, their supporting plates are often not wide enough to give adequate support to the top, or the material they are made of may not be robust enough to hold the weight of the top. 

We craft our table legs to order.  They are designed, made  in our workshop, calibrated to the size and weight of the  top and will allow for natural movement across the grain of the wooden top. Our removable legs can be fitted in our workshop or on site.

Any of our wooden table tops not fitted to our customised legs are outside the scope of our guarantee.

Policy Improvements – Our policy is to continually improve and develop our products and, accordingly, we reserve the right to amend our terms of sale, guides, instructions, specifications, and particulars of weight, measures, prices, dimensions, and finish, without prior notice. 

Earthy® Timber, Treesome TM  are trading names of EARTHY ® TIMBER Limited.

This leaflet is for guidance only. The Company cannot accept responsibility for the final fitting of your surface.

Our Installation Service

The cost of our Professional  Installation Services is not included in the cost of goods and you will need to contact us to arrange the survey and quotation. The cost of survey is at least £180+vat plus cost of travel. The cost of our professional installation service is at least as high as the cost of the goods including finishing service plus cost of travel.

The purchase of the survey & installation service is governed by our Terms and Conditions of Sale and other important information set in this document.

Before placing an order with us for the products, it is your responsibility to check and determine that:

1.      the information and specification it contains is accurate and meets your requirements

2.    you have full ability to receive the goods and installation service. This includes ensuring that the products ordered will pass and be assembled freely into your room of choice, they fit in that room, can be transported from the kerb, through all stairs, passageways and doorways of your house, flat or room, and there are no other issues that could make delivery more complicated or impossible

3.    there is adequate room for our installation team to provide the Installation Services at your chosen location.

4.    all relevant areas at your chosen location are clear of any debris, the flooring is levelled, all wet jobs completed and fully dried

5.    there is sufficient room to carry the largest components of the unassembled product through your chosen delivery location to the area in which the product is to be installed;

6.    parking is made available at your chosen delivery location, on the same street or adjacent street. If parking permits are required, you must make a permit available for our installation team delivery vehicle at your own expense 

When you order the installation service from us, we would like to make it clear this applies solely to the fitting of our products, and does not include any other fittings and fixtures e.g. electrical or plumbing.

There will be some disruption whilst our installation team are working, however they will keep the disruption to a minimum.

In the event that you or your representative are not available on site to accept the delivery at the agreed date and time slot, our installation team will wait for an additional 15 minutes before returning to the workshop, and will charge for re-delivery of the goods.

Once the goods have been installed our installation team will take photographs for quality purposes.

Aftercare instructions for our wooden surfaces

Oiled wooden tops – ongoing oiling nourishes the timber and enhances its appearance as well as protecting the wood surfaces from wear and tear. New tops should be treated with oil every month for the first few months, and at least once every three months after that. Heavily used surfaces will need re-oiling more frequently. This simple procedure will maintain the colour and lustre of your timber surface and keep it looking beautiful. Just remember to always apply thin layers using a lint-free cloth and remove any excess oil after 10-15 mins.

Your newly oiled timber will have a sheen. Splashes of water will form clear droplets and stand out from the surface. After some use the finish will become worn and water will not form into droplets so easily, but move over the surface. This is the time to re-oil your surface, or if possible even before this condition is fully developed. Obviously some parts of your surface will wear faster than others.

Lacquered or varnished wooden tops – wooden tops finished with lacquer or clear varnish do not require re-application of the finish 

Wooden tops may be more prone to scratching than some other surfaces. The use of chopping boards and/or pastry boards is recommended in order to protect the surface finish.

Household appliances which give off heat (coffee makers, toasters, cookers etc.) should never be placed directly onto the worktop surface as the wood may dry out and cracks may appear.

Hot pans, rough-bottomed objects and wet items should not be placed directly onto a wooden work surface – always use granite inserts, hot-rods, trivets, pan stands or heat-resistant mats to protect the worktop from scratch marks. Direct contact from iron, steel or copper vessels can also stain the timber surfaces and should therefore be avoided.

Please remember: Drainage grooves are a feature only; they are not suitable for drying the dishes.

For daily cleaning, use a mild soap and warm (not hot) water on a moistened cloth (do not use concentrated soap/washing up liquid). Never use products which contain ammonia, abrasives, or scouring powder. Never let water or cleaning agents puddle for any period of time on the worktop.

Small cracks might occur but they are not damaging to the worktop. Simply treat them with extra oil (treated with oil surfaces only)

All timber surfaces will react to light, and may change their tone over time. To avoid different shades developing on your worktop move any objects you keep on it around from time to time, until the surface is weathered.

Restoring original beauty of wood

Hardwood has many unique qualities and with a little care and attention the passage of time can enhance its beauty. In the unfortunate event of your worktop sustaining damage (or when the lacquer or varnish wears off) it can be sanded down and refinished, restoring its original beauty.


We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of anyone using our site and the confidentiality of any information that you provide us with.  The purpose of this statement is to set out how we use any personal information that we may obtain from you.

Data Protection Act 1998 (‘the Act’)

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Use and collection of personal information

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