Earthy®  Timber Solid Wood Tops and Tables AfterCare Instructions


Oiled Wood Tops

Ongoing oiling nourishes the timber table tops and wooden worktops and enhances its appearance as well as protecting the wooden tops from wear and tear. New wooden tops should be treated with oil every month for the first few months, and at least once every three months after that. Heavily used solid timber surfaces will need re-oiling more frequently. This simple procedure will maintain the colour and lustre of your wooden table top /wooden counter top and keep it looking beautiful. Just remember to always apply thin layers using a lint-free cloth and remove any excess oil after 10-15 mins.

Your newly oiled timber counter top will have a sheen. Splashes of water will form clear droplets and stand out from the wooden surface. After some use the finish will become worn and water will not form into droplets so easily, but move over the wooden surface. This is the time to re-oil your solid wood table top / wooden worktop, or if possible even before this condition is fully developed. More frequently used parts of your wooden top may wear faster than others.

Lacquered Wood Tops

Wooden worktops in solid oak or walnut finished with lacquer or clear varnish unlike oiled wood tops will not require re-application, but if you break the protective bareer of lacquer with deep scratch for example, the timber becomes more vulnerable to water damage. Lacquered finish is suitable for solid wood kitchen worktops and timber table tops.

Waterproof  Wood Tops

We apply elegant, natural, matt waterproof finish to all our Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture and Wooden Counter Tops  This unique, developed in-house technique against water damage protects the timber especially in challenging kitchen bar, sink and bathroom basin top setting. Waterproof timber finish may be acquired at an additonal cost as an upgraded protection for wooden tops and solid wood tables from Earthy® Timber Custom Wood Range. Waterproof wood finish is a unique and complex technique developed by Earthy® Timber that protects deeper layers of timber whilst giving it matt, natural wood finish. It does not require re-application and is the most natural and resistant to damage protective finish available on the market.

Other useful information about protection of wooden counter tops

Use of chopping boards

Wooden worktops and table tops may be more prone to scratching than some other surfaces. The use of chopping boards is recommended in order to protect the timber surface finish.

Don’t place kitchen appliances directly on wooden counter top

Household appliances which give off heat (coffee makers, toasters, cookers etc.) should never be placed directly onto the wooden worktop surface as the wood may dry out and cracks may appear.

Don’t place hot pans directly on solid wood worktop

Hot pans, rough-bottomed objects and wet items should not be placed directly onto a wooden work surface – always use granite inserts, hot-rods, trivets, pan stands or heat-resistant mats to protect the worktop from scratch marks. Direct contact from iron, steel or copper vessels can also stain the timber surfaces and should therefore be avoided.

Drainage grooves are an aesthetic feature only

Please remember: Drainage grooves are a feature only; they are not suitable for drying the dishes.

Wooden worktop daily cleaning

For daily of wooden counter top /table top cleaning, use a mild soap and warm (not hot) water on a moistened cloth (do not use concentrated soap/washing up liquid). Never use products which contain ammonia, abrasives, or scouring powder. Never let water or cleaning agents puddle for any period of time on the worktop.

Small cracks might occur but they are not damaging to the worktop. Simply treat them with extra oil (treated with oil surfaces only)

Wood tones change over time

All solid timber table tops and worktops react to light, and may change their tone over time. To avoid different shades developing on your oak, walnut table top, oak worktop move any objects you keep on wood top around from time to time.

Restoring Original Beauty of Wooden Counter Top

Solid wood has many unique qualities and with a little care and attention, the passage of time can enhance its natural beauty. In the unfortunate event of your solid wood worktop / timber table top sustaining damage (or when the lacquer or varnish wears off) it can be sanded down and refinished, restoring its original beauty.

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