Wood Finishings

Your fingertips on a piece of our finished timber will tell you what a pleasure it is to reach out and stroke it. Your senses of both sight and touch work together in harmony. The message is clear: with expert handling and enhancement, wood is surely one of the most beautiful substances in the world. Customised, functional art that you can touch…and use.

Our specialist techniques to preserve the natural edge of your wooden surface notwithstanding, Earthy Timber also offers a premium quality service to enhance surface beauty of wood and of course, to preserve it for generations to come.

You may wish us to supply your wooden surface unfinished. However, most customers rely on our skills and experience in wood finishing and for us to guide and advise them on the most appropriate process.

Wood Finishing from Earthy Timber


The unique properties of oil make it, in our opinion, the optimum method of finishing wooden worksurfaces and to protect its organic appearance. Over time, regular use of oil will amplify its natural colours and bring out the amazing patterns and whirls within it.

Oil creates a shield-like layer over the wood, makes it easy to main and repair, and less likely to show signs of wear and tear. It’s easy to apply yourself and indeed, you will need to re-apply it occasionally (in accordance with our supplied maintenance guide) but don’t worry: it will remain nourished and beautiful for years to come. The wood will also, after time and regular oiling, develop more of a resistance to heat, water, alcohol and food acid.

We would however suggest that you take care to place cups, glasses and hot plates on a coaster or mat in the early life of your table.

Earthy Timber only uses a blend of natural oils of the best quality. You can purchase a customer care kit from us with our recommended blend, a lint-free cloth and aftercare instructions.


If your heart desires a clear wood finish or if the surface is likely to be exposed to moisture (a bathroom countertop, for example) varnishing is the method for you. Varnish is also an ideal, hard-wearing surface in your kitchen, for example on a breakfast bar or kitchen island.

Varnish maintains, rather than enhances over time, the natural colour of wood, with a transparent, preservative layer. As long as the wood is thoroughly sanded, it can be applied over both raw and newly stained wood and may need to be re-applied if the timber is subjected to exacting conditions.

We use a water-based, low VOC solution that offers high protection against scratches and stains, whilst keeping the natural beauty and style of wood. You may wish to have a varnish finish on kitchen islands, shelves, worktops, breakfast bars or work surfaces.


Lacquer finishing offers a robust means of protection to your wooden surface, for example, tables and table tops, making them resistant to damage to a high degree. Finishings can be satin, matt or gloss. This is a glamourous look and will look terrific on ultra-modern furnishings.

For professional application and repair, lacquer must be applied via a high volume, low pressure sprayer; this treatment requires a degree of skill and forms a transparent, durable seal on the wood. Bear in mind, however, that should you choose a high-gloss finish, scratches or marks on the surface may become irksomely visible and it may need to have the process repeated.

Resin Encapsulation 

Resin offers the highest possible level of protection, higher even than that afforded by lacquer. This is an ideal, waterproof and hardwearing finish over say, your feature bathroom counter, yacht table or any surface likely to come into regular contact with water.

The entire surface is encapsulated in clear, epoxy resin to form an impenetrable, translucent layer. This is a way to capture beauty in time, as if it were an image or a picture. This finish will need to be applied, maintained and repaired by a professional.

So, which finishing is best for you? Your bespoke wooden surface deserves a bespoke finishing.

Use our contact form to send us the details of your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please note that we only work with clients who have a defined budget and a confirmed plan to move forward with us.

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