Scarred Wood

Wood is perfect, yet imperfect.  Trees have a beauty and artistry all their own. Each one as different as the next; branches, twigs and leaves arranged randomly, spreading out in a variety of shapes and forms, creating striking silhouettes against the skyline.

At Earthy Timber, we treat every plank of wood as the unique piece of natural art that it is. Its scars, knots, whorls and gaps have shaped the character of the tree in the same way that a human face reveals his or her journey through life.

Technical Skill to Preserve Nature’s Beauty

We can design and create a bespoke, custom wooden surface that celebrates the imperfections naturally found in certain wooden planks.

Earthy Timber chooses to work with scarred wood  that could have been part of a tree struck by lighting, as well as pieces scarred by shrapnel in historical turbulence, or damaged in other ways.  Thus, we can preserve, enhance and even celebrate moments of history, frozen in time for perpetuity.

The dark patches and marks on specific pieces are part of their appeal, so we employ techniques to bring them out, enhancing their appearance and ensuring their longevity. These are hard-wearing and waterproof wooden surfaces that are aimed at customers who appreciate natural beauty; distinctive, bespoke works of art tables that speak volumes about you and the things you love.

Each scar, each void, each gap will be carefully filled with resin or metal, or treated in such a way to turn what formerly would have been consigned to disposal, into a solid, long-lasting work of art to enhance any room in your home.

Our Vacuum Kiln-Drying Service as Part of Our Start-to-Finish Service

Earthy Timber is unique: we source, vacuum kiln-dry, design and create all our pieces. This means that we can offer and deliver an all-in-one service of the highest quality that reflects your substantial investment with us.

Vacuum kiln-drying is a skilled process that removes the moisture content of timber to below 10%, ensuring with 100% certainty that the wood will remain stable and strong for generations to come.

We would be very pleased to discuss your requirements.  Please use our contact form to get in touch.