Resin Corner

At Earthy Timber, we offer stunning techniques to bring together the concepts of earthiness and luxury.  The knots, splits and imperfections at its corners are full of character and charm.

We combine our in depth knowledge of the technical properties of wood with the expertise of resin-chemical engineers, who have developed a range of formulas to deliver highly sophisticated applications specifically for Earthy Timber.

We offer work-of-art products that are not only robust and long-lasting, but are of such beauty and elegance that you won’t be able to resist touching them.

Imperfection Becomes Perfection.

Our expertise in resin corner techniques means that in order to showcase the corner of the wood at its ultimate best, we deliberately choose pieces of wood that allow us to display its natural shape and form in an ultra modern way.

With this technique, the corner of your executive desk, or dining table will create a striking impact.  Viewed from every angle, in daylight or caught by the soft light of a lamp,  the combination of resin and the random edge of timber presents cutting edge technology and functional art.

The Solution from Earthy Timber

Earthy Timber uses a high-quality resin formula in the corner of a piece, making it as stunning as it is practical. We in effect re-build the missing part of the angle of a wooden slab, ensuring that the resin sets as hard as the timber, and thus forms part of the whole.   The surface of the piece will be silky smooth and you will be able to enjoy its beauty for ever.

For a special effect, we can add a subtle shade of colour to the resin, perhaps in a tone that complements your room.

To complete your project, we would highly recommend our resin encapsulation finishing service – the perfect solution for surfaces that need a hard-wearing and water proof finish.  This finish is highly desirable for surfaces in a yacht , or for a bathroom countertop.

What Makes Us Unique: Earthy Timber’s All-In-One Service

Earthy Timber’s on-site vacuum kiln drying process enables us to stand apart in this specialist field.  Not only do we create and design each piece, we vacuum kiln dry our wooden planks to below 10% of moisture content. This is a specialist process that results in wood that is entirely stable and robust.

We are the only company in our field to offer this start-to-finish process. Everything is under our control and we make sure that each procedure is carried out with the love, care and attention that wood deserves.

Find out more about our specialist resin corner technique on our YouTube channel.

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live edge oak dining table resin corner by Earthy Timber designer furniture by AS Stawicki