Luxury Dining Room Tables with Metal Inserts from Earthy Timber

This is a stunning technique that works harmoniously to combine two natural substances, timber and metal, for an effect that gleams and glows as you walk around it.

Modern Art Metal Inserts

Metal is an elegant substance that delivers an impact. It enhances the whole, enabling us to create a piece of modern art. We can pour it in a crack, or use it to define a space between two or more substantial wooden slabs. The result is highly evocative of a ribbon or a stream that runs down the piece, almost like a piece of satin, or water.

We use copper, aluminium, brass or silver to showcase the random directions and patterns of nature at its very best.

These are durable, long-lasting wooden surfaces. Corners or edges can be enhanced with metal, too. We will help you to choose the best type and shade of mineral to complement your timber surface.This technique is highly impressive, ideal for a unique dining table to take pride of place in your home or yacht.

What Makes Us Unique: Earthy Timber’s All-In-One Service

Not only do we create and design each piece, as part of our start-to-finish service, we vacuum kiln dry our wooden planks to below 10% of moisture content. This is a specialist process that results in wood that is entirely stable and robust.

We are the only company in our field to offer this. Everything is under our control and we make sure that each procedure is carried out with the love, care and attention that wood deserves.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements in a pre-arranged appointment. Please use our contact form to get in touch.