Live Edge Squared Dining Room Table

To present the best aspects of the wooden feature piece,  its natural shape, with or without bark can be preserved,  either within an ultra modern square form or following its original curve.

A Chic, Stylish Wooden Surface With The Latest Techniques

Are you after a contemporary, modern look? Call off the search.

The natural edges of wood are truly stunning, offering unsystematic patterns, beautifully indiscriminate and totally unique. What would otherwise degrade can be preserved for ever with specialist techniques from Earthy Timber.

Using high-grade resin, we encapsulate the natural edges and corners of one of our vacuum kiln-dried timber slabs, turning a beautiful but perhaps otherwise impractical piece of wood into a regular shape. Even subtle edges can be squared, should you wish to enjoy the contrast between the rustic splendour of wood and the chic, minimalist look of resin.

We have the skills to turn a totally natural substance into a modern, practical piece of art for your home or office.  Earthy Timber can also add a little colour to the resin, even a touch of fluorescence to enable the piece to gleam, and highlight its natural edge. We can even insert a discreet LED channel into the resin so that your dining table emits a touch of light as the natural daylight starts to wane.
You may have set your heart on a combination: part live-edge and part squared. We can do both, of course.

Earthy Timber walnut resin dining room table design As Stawicki

Customised, Functional Art For Your Home

These are products for the discerning and discriminate art lover.

With prices from £10,000 for a dining table, they will take pride of place in your home. We have the skills and expertise to design, create and importantly preserve these very special pieces for you, your family and even generations yet unborn to touch, feel and enjoy.

Our Unique All-In-One Service

Earthy Timber’s on-site vacuum kiln drying process enables us to stand apart in this specialist field.

Not only do we create and design each piece, we vacuum kiln dry our wooden planks to below 10% of moisture content. This is a specialist process that results in wood that is entirely stable and robust.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements at a pre-arranged appointment so please feel free to email us.