Live Edge Designer Furniture – Luxury, Sustainable Furniture from Salvaged Wood 

Earthy® Timber is a high end, sustainable furniture brand, making the most of the live edges and natural wood features to create works of art, luxury furniture from salvaged wood.

We specialise in sophisticated, modern live edge furniture designs, offering  high quality, stylish pieces that capture nature at its ultimate best – exclusive dining tablesluxury kitchen island tops, designer desks and conference tables for your home or business.

As designers and creators, we are captivated by the challenge and unpredictability of crafting high-end luxurious furniture from salvaged live edge wood. Random, imperfect beauty of the windthrown, cancerous, fungal trees,  becomes our muse, as we transform imperfections into exquisite perfections. The lack of regular shapes, patterns, and colours appeals to our senses, offering a refreshing contrast to the uniformity of the world.

Each piece of the luxury furniture we create showcases the unique character of the wood, reminding us that no plant, leaf, or flower is ever the same. Just as no two trees are duplicates, each wooden plank we work with tells its own story.  Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our meticulously crafted zero waste luxury furniture, where nature’s whimsy meets our artistic vision.

Decayed Wood Live Edge Luxury Furniture

Live edge fungous trees play a unique role in the creation of our luxurious furniture. These trees are often characterised by wood decay fungi, which thrive in dead wood or the inner heartwood of living trees that no longer serve their water-conduction purpose. The presence of these fungi adds a distinctive touch to the wood, creating spectacular intricate patterns and textures unseen in healthy trees. By utilising the naturally occurring decay process, we transform these trees into stunning pieces of art furniture, showcasing the beauty that emerges from nature’s cycle of growth and decay. This symbiotic relationship between fungi and wood offers a fascinating avenue for artistic expression, resulting in high end furniture that is not only visually captivating but also carries a story of nature’s transformative power.

The use of fungous trees in art furniture also highlights the importance of sustainability and resourcefulness. By repurposing dead, fallen trees we minimise waste and make use of materials that would otherwise go unused. This approach aligns with our principles of eco-conscious design, promoting a more sustainable and responsible approach to furniture production. Additionally, the unique live edge patterns and textures created by wood decay fungi add a touch of natural beauty and character to each piece, making fungous tree art furniture truly one-of-a-kind.

Nature offers us unpredictable, arbitrary beauty. In an organised, busy world, its lack of regular shapes, patterns and colours appeals to our senses at a basic, elementary level. Relief against uniformity and sameness. When commissioning a piece of luxury furniture from us, for impact and aesthetics, you may wish to ask us to preserve its live edges in square modern form encapsulated in resin.

What is a Live Edge?

In the world of wood, “live edge” refers to the process of using timber where its form and shape is left untouched on at least one side. Sometimes referred to as “natural”, “raw” or “waney” edge, your luxury dining room table can be made with its gentle, curved or random edges expertly preserved.

Earthy®  Timber uses specialist techniques to preserve the edge of each unique wooden slab.

We treat pieces individually, working carefully with the natural direction of the wood, creating a beautiful, subtle frame for your custom exclusive dining table every bit as striking as the overall surface itself.

The colour and texture of the live edge will also be preserved, to contrast and complement the whole.

We understand practicality, however. If you wish us to preserve its raw live edge, its natural shape will still be within a “sensible” dimension, enabling your family and friends to sit around it with comfort and ease.

To bring out the best aspects of a particular wooden salb, we may effect a part live edge – part squared technique on the same edge of the slab.  This is a truly striking look that maximises two high end procedures for rustic, yet ultra-modern furniture contrast and style.

From Tree to Table Under Earthy® Timber Roof

Earthy® Timber’s on-site vacuum kiln drying process enables us to offer salvaged tree to table service and stand apart in this specialist field.

Not only do we create and design each piece of furniture, we vacuum kiln dry our live edge wooden planks to below 10% of moisture content. This process results in wood that is entirely stable and robust and which will last for generations to come. Your children’s children will enjoy pieces from Earthy Timber in the same way that you do.

Specialist processing and kiln drying is a crucial process that ensures the strength, health, and suitability of wood for luxury furniture. By subjecting the wood to controlled heat and humidity, kiln drying effectively eliminates fungi and decay, safeguarding the integrity of the material. This meticulous technique not only eradicates existing fungal growth but also prevents future infestations, ensuring the longevity of the furniture. Kiln drying also enhances the stability of the wood, eliminating the likelihood of structural issues over time. The result is wood that is strong, durable, and resistant to decay, making it an ideal choice for crafting exquisite luxury furniture. With specialist kiln drying, you can trust that the wood used in our furniture is of the highest quality, providing both aesthetic beauty and long-lasting functionality.