Earthy® Joint (River Effect)

Your custom-made, bespoke wooden surface starts with a dream. Your dream, and your desire to own one of our special art wood pieces in your home. We provide high-end products for discerning art lovers who quite simply, adore beautiful things. And our contemporary, table tops, dining tables and breakfast bars are, we think, some of the most gorgeous objects of desire that you will ever own.

Earthy Timber leads the market in design. We continuously develop our products, investing time and resources in new processes. On behalf of you, our customer, we have boundless ideas, ideas that will delight and astound you.

We are innovators of this special type of joint between multiple planks; it is a highly skilled technique which has a luxurious look and feel.

What is an Earthy ® Joint?

Our signature method uses strong, high quality resin to join together multiple pieces of timber from the same tree. Like a nature-inspired jigsaw, the two opposing edges sit side-by-side to make up the whole piece, held at a defined distance. Two or more substantial, book-matched planks whose edges you can trace on either side of the resin infill that joins them together.

Perhaps you would like two or more pieces to “float” closely together, or perhaps several centimetres apart – the choice is yours. This unique way of joining together two, or even three pieces of wood looks spectacular. It is the perfect way to capture the natural shape of the tree and also to preserve a special memory of a fallen tree from your garden (or one that you have been authorised to fell).

We can even preserve the bark, keeping its essential knotty texture but ensuring that it’s smooth enough not to snag anything and that it’s a pleasure to run your hands over it.

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