Driftwood Effect

Do you love the natural effect of wood that’s been washed up on a beach? The pale, soft wooden pieces that you find on an early morning walk along the shore. The calm, sound of the tide as it washes back and forth evokes memories of childhood holidays – tranquil, warm and unending.

Along with seaweed, sea glass and shells, the colour of timber that’s been bleached naturally by water and sun is highly appealing.

Nature with Specialist Techniques from Earthy Timber

Earthy Timber can create a wooden surface with an attractive driftwood effect that will bring light and a delicate, natural look to a room, perhaps to complement any lighter coloured pieces of furniture that you may have. Perfect in a holiday home by the sea, or a conservatory that gets lots of natural daylight.

With a slightly different tone and hue, we also create pieces with a subtle aged look, dramatic, beautiful yet welcoming in a cosy country cottage.

Working primarily with oak, which offers the best results, we create a grainy appearance of the wood, making it appear to be naturally worn by sand or the elements over time. It’s as if the wood has been whitewashed by nature. It’s a specialist technique and one that looks stunning.

With exposed grain, wooden surfaces that have been created in this way may be slightly more vulnerable to water penetration, so we would recommend a coating of varnish, lacquer or resin encapsulation to keep them at their best for years to come.

Our Unique All-In-One Service

Not only do we create and design each piece, before effecting the driftwood effect, as part of our start-to-finish service, we vacuum kiln dry our wooden planks to below 10% of moisture content.  This is a specialist process that results in wood that is entirely stable and robust.

We are the only company in our field to offer this.  Everything is under our control and we make sure that each procedure is carried out with the love, care and attention that wood deserves.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements in a pre-arranged appointment.  Please get in touch with us via our contact form.