Wood Resin Enhancement technique

Let nature meet cutting-edge nurture in your home with our specialist, resin enhancement technique.

Resin Infill is a highly skilled technique used by Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture that brings out the stunning natural beauty of wood’s ‘imperfections’. Using premium quality, clear as a glass resin to level any gaps or knots in our hand-crafted wooden tables and counter tops, we turn special into extraordinary.

Bespoke wooden tables and counter tops have never looked so beautiful. The result is a truly unique harmony of the organic nature of timber and the latest contemporary methods of resin and metal embedding, that creates a striking yet practical piece of furniture to last in your home for generations to come.

Applications for Resin Infill in Table Making

A wooden top with resin infill is ideal as a work of art dining table that’s sure to be the centre of your dinner party conversation, or as a kitchen island worktop or live edge breakfast bar to lift your spirits every day. Our subtle looking, high-end bespoke furniture are robust enough to be table tops, kitchen island counter tops, as well as statement counter tops.

Two or three  pieces of timber can be joined together in harmony, or single pieces may be over a metre wide, making an impact in your home that’s full of character and utterly timeless.

For extra impact, why not consider asking us to subtly colour or to use luminescence in the resin? It adds a special enhancement to the use of natural or artificial light behind it. Earthy® Timber’s specialists can even embed a small LED channel into the resin which, as the sun sets, will offer a discreet hint of light. It can be seen from a distance and is truly breath taking.

The properties of resin used for bonding are quite remarkable: malleable to the required shape when first applied, resin adheres to a desired shape and is both resilient and scratch-resistant when set into the wooden table.

Earthy Timber luxury wooden dining room table resin features design by As Stawicki

Spectacular Beauty of Wooden CounterTop with Special Resin Effects

We can follow the natural shape of the wood, with ra, live edges if you prefer; if you love the random beauty of wood plank’s bark, we can preserve it for a striking rustic look with our specialist resin infill methods – a true “wow” factor. All our wooden pieces, however, are adapted to your requirements, including the use of resin to create a square edge, for a contemporary look and feel.

Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture – One of a Kind in the World of Wood

Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture is exceptional in the world of timber in that we offer a truly unique all-in-one service: as we are also a wood yard, we source, vacuum kiln dry and then handcraft all our pieces in our workshop in Sussex,UK

Vacuum kiln-drying adds considerable value to the end product. Like good foundations in a house, this early fundamental technique provides the basis for a luxury wooden table that will last forever.  The wood is dried in a controlled environment and will remain 100% stable. The result? A high quality wood slab ready for us to work our magic on.

If you’re keen to preserve special family memories, however, we’d be happy to use wood from a no-longer living tree in your garden.

Each piece of furniture is special. It is as unique and individual as the ways that our customers use them, and the families that enjoy them.

Find out more about how resin infill can truly enrich and heighten nature at its best.  Please use our contact form to provide us with information on your project from Earthy® Timber Luxury Furniture.