Bark Preservation

The outer covering of a tree is as beautiful as the wood that lies beneath it. Bark, wood’s natural protector, has infinite patterns, colours and textures every bit as stunning as the timber itself.

This natural beauty, sadly, does not last. Without intervention, it is impossible to preserve bark, as the innermost layer of the bark (the phloem) naturally disconnects from sapwood as it dries. In a short amount of time it will degrade and flake off. Moreover, it is hard to clean and may even attract insects, so it’s rare if not impossible to find both wood and bark preserved on a permanent basis and in one piece. But not with Earthy Timber.

The bark preservation specialists: Earthy Timber

Our bark preservation techniques are tactile and luxurious, and are aimed at our most discerning customers.

Here at Earthy Timber, we preserve bark in a hard, transparent resin capsule – perfect if you love the natural qualities of wood and wish to appreciate a piece of timber in its whole state. We totally respect and honour the wood we treat, highlighting the colour of the bark and preserving it for generations to come.

Like so much of nature, bark’s patterns and striations are random – arbitrary, almost accidental shapes and outlines that give a piece of timber its frame and form. It’s well worth considering this technique if you prefer irregular shapes, perhaps as a more rustic look.

The bark will be kept in as much of a natural state as possible, with a contrast between the dark edge and the lighter colours of the adjoining wood.

Its raw edges will be smooth (you won’t catch your clothes or snag jewellery), yet it will retain interest and texture. This wooden surface is durable, long-lasting and robust, perfect for family meals or celebrations with friends around a dinner table – or as a desk or console table.

If desired, we can square the bark edges so that they are preserved within resin. Your custom dining table will be a regular shape, but with added interest and a natural, organic beauty.

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