Special Effects

Bark Preservation

The outer covering of a tree is as beautiful as the wood that lies beneath it. Bark, wood’s natural protector, has infinite patterns, colours and textures every bit as stunning as the timber itself.

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Earthy Timber English Walnut Luxury Desk Italian Designer Desks
English Walnut Dining Table by Earthy Timber Luxury Furniture

Clear as Glass Resin Infill

Resin Infill is a highly skilled technique used by Earthy Timber that brings out the stunning natural beauty of wood. Using premium quality, clear as a glass resin to level any gaps or knots in our hand-crafted wooden surfaces, we turn special into extraordinary.

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Earthy Joint – River Effect

Your custom-made, bespoke wooden surface starts with a dream. Your dream, and your desire to own one of our special art wood pieces in your home. We provide high-end products for discerning art lovers who quite simply, adore beautiful things. And our contemporary, table tops, dining tables and breakfast bars are, we think, some of the most gorgeous objects of desire that you will ever own.

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Earthy Timber River Walnut Dining Table Luxury Designer Tables Italian Design Furniture
Earthy Timber Wild Walnut Luxury Dining Table

                                                                   Resin Corner

Mixing nature with nurture is what we do best. As timber specialists, we work with highly skilled resin-chemical engineers to deliver work-of-art products that are not only robust and long-lasting, but are of such beauty and elegance that you won’t be able to resist touching them.

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Driftwood Effects

Do you love the natural effect of wood that’s been washed up on a beach? The pale, soft wooden pieces that you find on an early morning walk along the shore. The calm, sound of the tide as it washes back and forth evokes memories of childhood holidays – tranquil, warm and unending.

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Earthy Timber Driftwood Dining Table
Earthy Timber Scarred Wood Luxury Coffee Table

Scarred Wood

Wood is perfect, yet imperfect.
Trees have a beauty and artistry all their own. Each one as different as the next; branches, twigs and leaves arranged randomly, spreading out in a variety of shapes and forms, creating striking silhouettes against the skyline.

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Live Edge Designs

At Earthy Timber, we take the best of what nature offers us to create work of art, custom wooden surfaces for your home.

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Earthy Timber English Walnut Luxury Dining Table

Live Edge Squared

Your home is your sanctuary. The roof over your head offers shelter, warmth and safety. It’s where you relax, sleep and eat.

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Metal Inserts

This is a stunning technique that works harmoniously to combine two natural substances, timber and metal, for an effect that gleams and glows as you walk around it.

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Earthy Timber Walnut Metal Inlay Dining Table
earthy timber yacht dining walnut table

Wood Finishings

Your fingertips on a piece of our finished timber will tell you what a pleasure it is to reach out and stroke it. Your senses of both sight and touch work together in harmony. The message is clear: with expert handling and enhancement, wood is surely one of the most beautiful substances in the world. Customised, functional art that you can touch and use.

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