Luxury Solid Wood Executive Desks from Earthy® Timber

At Earthy® Timber we have a unique privilege to hand-craft luxury wooden executive desks and conference tables from rotten, discareded, windthrown trees. Using our state-of-the-art technology that kills all fungus, woodworm, bacteria whilst preserving the salvaged tree’s most astonishing, unique features created in the course of its life. The constructive tissue of the salvaged tree is strengthtened and as sound as the healthy tree’s that you saved from felling.

Bespoke, high-end executive desk from Earthy® Timber is sheer, unadulterated luxury for the modern office and your personal contribution to well-being of the environment.

With prices from £10,000,  the natural wood, luxury executive desk from Earthy® Timber is a unique and graceful piece of sustainable furniture like no other. We vacuum kiln-dry, treat and finish our salvaged wood to create stunning, executive desks at the absolute pinnacle of artistic perfection – the sort of perfection that speaks to others about who you are and what you have achieved within your organisation or business.

The rewards for a long and successful career can be many but the sheer joy of a solid wood statement executive desk specifically designed and created for you, will spark pride and joy in your soul every day.

salvaged walnut resin executive desk by Earthy Timber

Statement Executive Desk from Earthy® Salvaged, Rotten Trees

Statement Executive Desks from Earthy® Timber are luxury items and rightfully so. They take time to produce, with each salvaged wood slab treated individually, developed with the attention to detail that you understand so well.

Would English oak desk suit your professional surroundings, or English walnut executive table /desk with multiple screen holder pressure points addressed, perhaps? Maybe Apple Tree’s graceful desk top for your Apple IMac? Wekeep in stock a large stock of meticulously prepared and dried single pieces of unusual salvaged timbers, such as Cherry, Hornbeam or Pear, ready for your bespoke furniture commission. Whatever your preferred style, size or desired tonal expression, our artisan wooden desks and executive desk tops are of the highest quality, reflecting and acknowledging your investment with us.

With its natural swirls, whorls and perfect ‘imperfections’, wood is very elegant. Its knots and fluid patterns can be key features in your executive desk, enhanced and preserved for ever with very subtle use of resins, and enjoyed by everyone who sees them. You may ask us to preserve the most of the natural, raw edges of the wood slab, perhaps, or even use our specialist techniques to preserve tree’s bark.

Or, maybe the sleek, sophisticated style of straight grain timber, rich and smooth with crisp straight edges would suit your modern office environment better.

luxury walnut executive desk table by Earthy Timber

From Tree to Executive Wooden Desk under Earthy® Timber Roof 

From salvaged tree to luxury wooden desk, at Earthy® Timber we manufacture all our bespoke, solid wood office furniture in-house. Operated by our timber specialists, the moisture content from the wood will be carefully reduced to below 10% in our on-site vacuum kiln-drying chamber. As a result, your wooden executive desk will remain as perfect as the day we deliver it, with no risk of splitting, cupping or warping. Durable, substantial, exceptionally beautiful and with environmental credentials.

You may wish to complement your statement executive desk with conference/meeting table or unique wooden shelves. Earthy® Timber is happy to work with business owners who have a committed budget and a project already in mind. Please contact us to send us the details of your idea.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.