Solid Wood Luxury Yacht Tables

Invest in a solid wood surface primed for the demanding offshore conditions. Similarly to the Dining Tables range, Earthy Luxury Yacht Tables are handmade following our philosophy of the natural blueprint. The unique qualities of each wooden top are adequately accentuated and modernised through artisan woodworking techniques. Our concepts range from the subtlety of live edge designs to the extravagance of metal rivers. Our live edge designs range from subtle outer curves to extravagant live edge joints. Each project is handcrafted with respect to the purity of the wooden canvas and in accordance with the investment figure from the customer.

Stable & Durable Vacuum Kiln-Dried Timber

The durability factor is brought by the vacuum kiln drying method. Our vacuum kiln is one of the most sophisticated wood drying systems in Britain. This state-of-the-art form of wood drying is both energy-efficient and quality-effective. A vacuum kiln seasons the timber to provide molecular stability, which in turn minimises the risk of cracks, splits and warps. Vacuum kiln drying boils water from within the wood at lower temperatures, while conventional methods require higher temperatures only to skim the upper layers. Due to the aforementioned reasons, the wood is not overly dried, the moisture content is thoroughly reduced and improved quality of timber is achieved.

wild walnut live edge table wood resin earthy timber

Waterproof Centrepiece & Complementary Wooden Tables

A great way to make a statement for those who do not like to compromise, our innovative technique of waterproof encapsulation immerses the entire wooden top in a translucent substance, creating an invisible, protective envelope over the surface layer. The granular texture and organic warmth are left intact. The palette and patterns are intensified. The earthy knots and natural curves are enhanced. As a result, the owner is able to enjoy the raw beauty of a rustic wooden surface with the added waterproof component. Elegance does not have to make way for functionality.

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  • We provide surface support in the form of specialised legs & bases, forged & calibrated in-house. More information can be found in the Dining Tables section.