Luxury Wooden Conference Tables from Earthy® Rotten, Rejected Trees

Earthy® Timber manufactures bespoke, solid wood luxury boardroom / conference tables from discarded, infested, fungal, windthrown trees. Using state-of-the-art, developed in-house technology we transform the ‘unhealthy’ tree’s ‘imperfections’ into sound timber of most distinctive wood features. Through meticulous drying process the structural strength of the timber is brought to the same level as healthy trees, but without compromise on sustainability of your bespoke office boardroom table.

Bespoke, Large Size Wood Conference Tables

Crafted to order, bespoke, large size wooden conference table from Earthy® Timber is a powerful statement about your business and its green credentials. Manufactured from the most interesting timber, consciously sourced and truly sustainable, your hand-crafted wooden conference table will last for generations. Promote cultural sustainability and heritage conservation in your workplace.  Choose from an array of truly sustainable, organic, salvaged hardwoods that died of natural causes ranging from familiar to niche home-grown varieties such as English Oak, Brown Oak, Wild Walnut, Hornbeam, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut, Acacia, Ash, Yew, Pear or Apple Tree.

large wooden conference table for 12 14 people by Earthy Timber Luxury Furniture live edge table

Timeless Design of Salvaged Wood Conference Table from Earthy® Timber

The key to a timeless design of Earthy®  Timber’s luxury wood resin boardroom / conference tables lies in the individuality of each sustainably sourced and dried salvaged wood slab inspiredly sculpted into contemporary statement piece by the artist As Stawicki.

An exclusive concept is applied to each wooden conference table, tailored to unique qualities of the hand-picked salvaged timber and functional requirements of your business. Each earthy® wood conference table is custom-made and each distinctive wood feature is celebrated, like luxury touch to already painted natural wood canvas.

Unique, Interesting, Earthy® Wood Features

You can expect a statement conference table for your boardroom with earthy® interesting wood features securely locked in time thanks to Earthy® Timber’s unique wood processing and drying technology: unique wood pigmentation caused by fungus, rustic wood knots, beetle boring holes, vibrant mineral grain patterns, an in-grown tree bark and wood striations subtly enhanced with resins. Please note no living creature, will survive the wood drying process, the timber is completely beetle, fungus free with structural strength equal to healthy tree.

Normally lost as part of its journey from tree to table, Earthy® Timber can implement specialist techniques to preserve the bark – a beautiful way to combine the look of rough with smooth, and a definite “wow” factor in your office.

Multiple planks can be joined together with natural or coloured resin – a stunning, contemporary look.  For impact and sustainable beauty, we can preserve the wood’s natural or “live” edges – dramatic, dazzling and one hundred percent guaranteed to attract the sort of attention that the piece deserves.

At Earthy®  Timber we celebrate individuality of each custom-made solid wood conference table and encapsulate the tree’s natural beautiful features in timeless design. Our earthy® luxury conference tables are distinguished by unexampled timeless appearance, longevity and green credentials.

aged oak conference table waney edge slab table uk

Solid Wood Meeting Table – Impressive, Sophisticated, Powerful Business Statement

Earthy® Timber has the expertise, experience and skills to design and create the perfect luxury wooden conference / meeting table for the room where executive meetings and presentations take place, or where you need to impress.  This is art that’s truly operational; long-lasting, powerful and a key part of your business.

Entirely bespoke and finished to absolute perfection, these are unique, luxury conference tables for the discerning corporate customer who knows and understands understated style.  A sustainable furniture centre piece with true impact.  We source selected salvaged, substantial slabs of timber from National Trust, parks, private estates, Forestry Commission, evaluate, kiln-dry and treat them with a variety of specialist finishes to turn them into high-end solid wood boardroom tables that take pride of place in your meeting room.

With its random, asymmetric patterns, wood is one of the most beautiful materials in the world.  Precious and highly desirable, Earthy® Timber captures nature at its best, frozen in time as if it were the most beautiful painting you have ever seen.

Our solid wood and resin conference tables and desks are perfect centre pieces in an elegant yet forward-thinking working environment:  substantial, large-scale slabs of English and European wood are kiln-dried, treated and finished to the highest quality standards.  A modern, functional work of art for your boardroom or conference room.

Our Wood Evaluating and Drying Technology, from Tree to Boardroom Table under Earthy® Timber Roof

We carefully evaluate each salvaged tree and  use the vacuum kiln drying technology to prepare our timber for solid wood bespoke conference table projects. Kiln drying timber in a vacuum is the most advanced quality driven and energy-efficient form of wood drying.

Thanks to the complex environment inside our vacuum kiln, we gently extract the free water out of the chunky, most beautiful yet challenging wood slabs preserving its natural beauty. The constructive tissue of the wood slab is strengthtened in the process unlike conventional drying methods that only remove excess moisture from the surface layer, wood vacuum kiln evaporates water from the very wood core to provide inherent molecular stability of the large wood slab.

solid wood conference table by Earthy Timber in oak and resin

Sustainable Furniture Commission 

With entry level costs at £12,000 your wood and resin boardroom or conference table from Earthy® Timber is a major investment.  We are the ideal solution, with high quality skills, ethical values and the attention to detail that you need.

Email us to start the process of commissioning the bespoke piece of sustainable, luxury furniture for your meeting room – we only work with businesses who have a committed and clear-cut budget and a project specifically in mind.

Make it the best it can be with Earthy® Timber.