How We Work and Payment Terms

Luxury wooden surfaceHere at Earthy Timber we appreciate wood’s natural beauty and understand exactly how to draw out its form, patterns and structures. Importantly, we know how best to create a special and stunning piece of art that goes with the grain (sometimes literally) rather than against it. Your investment with us is in something truly special; a bespoke wooden surface to take pride of place in your home and which will give you pleasure every day.

Our talented artisans have never created copies – not only would it be impossible to do so, we must allow for the vagaries, quirks and whims of what nature gives us.
What do we mean by this? To offer you best-in-class service with a totally unique product, we follow defined procedures:

Your Investment WIth Us

Please bear in mind that bespoke wooden surfaces from Earthy Timber are high quality, custom made products.  Their value will grow over time and you will be able to pass them down to future generations.

The cost of your item will depend on several factors, not least its features, size and finishings, as well as the design of the support, the latter not always visible but highly important for practicality and strength.

We only work with customers with a defined budget, so please consider this carefully before contacting us.

Project Payment Terms

Due to our early commitment to your project, we would ask you to settle an initial deposit of £500 before we start to scope your project, choose the most desired planks and agree the overall design.  

This protects our distinct and unique artisan secrets and, we think, commits us both in the creative process.

The remaining amount, equal to 50% of the value of the project is required once the slab or slabs has/have been chosen  and we have discussed which techniques within your investment figure will best enhance its beauty and will be required to create the perfect and functional end result. 

Final payment, which represents the remaining balance, will become due 6 weeks before scheduled delivery or collection.

Project Scope and Design

Bring along a photo and samples of materials of the room you have chosen for your new custom dining table, artistic breakfast bar, desk or coffee tables. Seeing the space and style of a particular room helps us to select the very best and most beautiful piece (or pieces) of timber just for you.

custom wooden surface

Wood is a great joy.  It spans several shades of colour and texture, can be full of or almost free of imperfections,  although we don’t see them as such.  Of course, it can be of almost any size, or joined together with our unique processes to make large, striking pieces.

So, we’ll discuss and agree with you your best options, incorporating your sense of taste and style and the theme of your interior.

On Site Survey

For some projects, for example when a fitting is involved, a survey at your home or office may be necessary.  This is an additional service and will available for a supplementary cost.

This on-site survey enables us not only to design your surface but equally importantly, to scope and design its often-invisible support.

Moving forwards: Project Commission and Completion

Your bespoke, artistic table, set of shelves, desk, bathroom top or breakfast bar will start to come to life.  Once we receive your initial payment, choose your wooden slabs at an appointment with us.  Alternatively,  given our experience and skill, ask us to choose one for you. Final details, including any special finishings will also be confirmed at this stage, as well as a start and estimated completion dates.

Please note regarding time frames: We simply cannot rush your project. We would be doing you a disservice and your piece a grave injustice. For a high quality, durable and perfect result you may need to be patient for several weeks.

From now on, we’ll focus on turning nature into a work of art.

Unique Kiln Drying Process

As part of our complete service, we vacuum kiln-dry all our timber on site. We are the only designers in the UK to offer this unique aspect to our clients.

Our timber specialists are experts in the exacting processes required to remove excess moisture levels from wood, resulting in a piece that’s robust, stable and durable. Your dining table, bathroom top, coffee table, breakfast bar, desk or whatever you commission from us will last beyond the next generation.

If you’re keen learn more,  please use our contact form to send us the details of your project.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.