How can Earthy Timber help turn our house into a home? Our pieces are inspiring: stunning and hard-wearing.  We offer wooden kitchen worktops,  kitchen tables, breakfast bars, shelves, window sills, coffee and console tables, dining tables, bathroom countertops and feature walls – and one piece can easily complement another.   There’s a generous choice and significant potential. As in nature, each finished wooden slab is the only one of its kind and will look different, even if it comes from the same tree. Wood is almost arbitrary in its beauty and our timber experts instinctively know what will look best for which purpose.
I wish to invest in some pieces for my business. What kind of items can Earthy Timber produce? Wood has warmth and character like no other substance. Large wooden slabs, perhaps joined together by our specialist Earthy® Joint “river effect” techniques can be made into amazing Boardroom tables that delight the eye and attract compliments galore from current and future clients. Luxury executive desk Consider making an impact with our Executive desks, feature walls, or create a fabulous, long-lasting impression with a Reception desk.
When can you deliver and install my pieces? Not tomorrow, or even the day after that. We cannot rush the sourcing, drying, cutting and finishing process. It may take several weeks from start to finish as we’re creating true, long lasting works of art for you to pass down to future generations. As you know, good things are worth waiting for.
Do you require drawings? If so, why is this? Yes, we do, unless you want us to fully survey your project.  We require drawings with the position of cut-outs (even if prepared by your carpenter) so that we can manipulate and present the planks to display their most beautiful features and so that they can be placed in a prime position. Also, this enables us to position and conceal the often-invisible but necessary supports in the most appealing and practical way. If required, a survey can be conducted for a minimum of £500 plus VAT.
How do you treat and finish the timber? We use a variety of techniques that bring the natural beauty of wood to life. Earthy Timber creates sustainable pieces of exceptional quality and beauty that will give you pleasure and joy for years. Simplicity and timeless elegance helps nature to take centre stage. Wood isn’t square…We use a variety of specialist techniques to finish the edges, each one the most appropriate to the timber in question. These processes are the work of skilled artisans who can preserve the edges of wood, even the bark, for generations to come. Resin can also be used to join two pieces of timber together for a truly striking appearance, or you may ask us to insert resin into the cracks and holes within the wood. The warm gleam of metal can bring a large crack to life, subtly changing colour as you walk around. The wood itself is finished with either a careful blend of high quality, natural oils, lacquer (for a matt, satin or glossy finish), or a water-based varnish. Alternatively, your piece can be encapsulated in resin for a completely waterproof finish. We can discuss with you which technique will best suit your needs, as each has its benefits and of course, a different “look” Have a look in more detail at our finishing techniques throughout this website.
Where are you based and where do you deliver? Our workshop is based near Lewes in East Sussex. This makes us ideally placed to work with customers across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, London and Essex. However, we have delivered our custom projects to clients in Scotland, Sweden, Belgium, France and Austria so if you’re a little further afield than Sussex, email us to find out more.
How long does each piece last? With gentle care (maintenance and care instructions are included with each item), whatever purpose it serves in your home, your bespoke wooden surface from Earthy Timber will last for generations to come. Artisan wooden table surface We vacuum kiln-dry every piece of timber. Drying in such a way ensures that the moisture level is reduced to below 10%, with this vital proportion ensuring that the end result – your dining or kitchen table, breakfast bar or coffee table will be totally stable and as beautiful in 50 years’ time as the day it’s delivered.
How much can I be expected to pay and what are your commercial terms? These are exclusive, custom-made, high-end products for the luxury end of the market. Your bespoke dining table will be premium quality and will take several weeks to complete, each stage requiring skill, patience and an excellent but rare understanding of wood properties, preservation and finishing techniques. Perfection creates expectation, therefore we only work with customers who have a defined project and budget of at least £5,000. Earthy Timber accepts a deposit as a commitment to proceed, with payment in full before completion. Refer to our How We Work page for more information. Please use our contact form to send us the details of your project.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.