Custom Feature Walls

Are you ready to make a serious style statement in your home?

A custom feature wall from Earthy Timber is a high impact way to add depth, style and elegance through different textures, brought into artistic relief by lighting, whether man-made or natural. It can bring a sense of scale, character and warmth; importantly, it connects your home to nature.

Bespoke Feature Wall

Earthy Timber offers a premium range of hand-made, decorative wooden bricks that will transform a wall in your home from ordinary to extraordinary. From drab…to dramatic. From everday…to simply amazing. This is modern rustic at its best, chic, sophisticated and en vogue.

Our 3-D feature walls draw the eye, inviting you to touch them. They are true pieces of art, each wooden brick set in a specific pattern or configuration against another, with their contrasting colours, surfaces and grains delivering a spectacular whole.

A bespoke timber wall will look absolutely beautiful in a large room.  You may wish to create an accent wall behind your TV or display it as an interesting, eye-catching piece of artwork.  The acoustic properties of oak and walnut make our internal wood cladding an ideal means to absorb sound, perhaps in a music studio or even, should you have it, a room set aside in which to enjoy music. Here, you can turn up the volume a little.

A Feature Wall for Your Home or Office

Luxury Feature Wall for Home or Office

This handsome feature offers you a new, modern approach to interior design and decoration. Our feature walls add interest and energy and if you wish to avoid over-decoration, say, they are the perfect way to enhance the comfort and style of your home.

The look and feel of an office “speaks” to the people who work there, as well as to your current and future clients. Why not send a clear message: “ We are different. We appreciate nature, our staff and their working environment; we invest in the best”.

Fitting our Custom Feature Walls

Wooden bricks are hand made from recycled wood and can be delivered either individually or as a panel to your measurements or template. Flexibility with size and a modular wall system make our feature walls simple to assemble and install.

Choose your layout and pattern as you go. Cover the whole wall systematically, or for a more natural look you may wish to arrange them randomly. However you wish it, your custom timber feature wall will be exactly to your specifications, likes and desires.

Unique On-Site Vacuum Kiln-Drying Service

As part of our unique all-in-one service, Earthy Timber always vacuum kiln-dries every single piece of timber. We control this process carefully, with each drying procedure subject to intense preparation and supervision.

The result is superb. Pieces of timber that are ready for us to preserve and create bricks for your feature wall. Strong, stable and durable, this is a feature in your home to last for ever.

Use our contact form to send us the details of your feature wall project.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.