Designer Feature Wooden Tops

Feature Tops hold greater artistic merit in contrast to their more universal counterparts. From premium dining tables and rustic modern kitchen islands to live edge breakfast bars and matching coffee tables, the Feature Wooden Tops line is an embodiment of our finest craftsmanship – an umbrella term reserved for the most extravagant projects. Pieces for such projects are chosen based on the conceptual freedom they provide. Exaggerated curves, oversized knots, substantial splits, even missing chunks are among the unique organic qualities that provide a potent canvas for our most exceptional designs.

We capture the depth of and elevate the natural blueprint using artisan techniques reserved exclusively for our Feature Wooden Tops. Whether you are after a statement piece or a complementing element, our team will use their expertise to seize the conceptual capabilities of your feature surface.

rustic english walnut feature wall art

Practical Matters.

Each feature worktop sends a message with its non-recurring design and raw beauty; however, customers who pay more can expect more. Higher investment figures broaden the possibilities in the crafting process of your bespoke top.

contemporary wood kitchen island bar top

Durability Matters.

We work only with local hardwoods from sustainable sources. Our timber is kiln dried to sub-10% moisture content using our state-of-the-art vacuum kiln.

Vacuum kiln drying is the most technologically advanced form of wood drying. It produces an improved quality of timber and consumes less energy in the process. While conventional drying methods merely skim the upper layers, vacuum kiln drying penetrates wood to the core. Its molecular structure is stabilised and strengthened through a complex seasoning procedure, thus increasing resistance to warping and splitting.

We possess one of the only such kilns in the UK. Read more about our vacuum kiln here.

wild walnut designer feature coffee table

Support Matters.

We are also metal specialists.

A solid wood structure is not complete without adequate support. Our legs and plates are calibrated explicitly to the parameters of your surface to provide uncompromising stability, reinforce the joint(s) and facilitate the inherent movement of timber.

To enquire about a Designer Feature Wooden Top from Earthy Timber, please use the contact form.