Bespoke Wooden Surfaces from Earthy Timber

Bespoke Wooden Surface Wood is the obvious choice for beauty and style within your home. Wonderfully warm, each piece unique, our natural world offers us a stunning array of wood in great abundance read more….

Unique, On-Site Vacuum Kiln-Drying Process

Vaccuum Kiln Drying Process With entry level costs at £5,000 per piece, our customers demand the best and like us, appreciate that wood is a wonderful, natural material; malleable, yet hard-wearing and of course, breathtakingly beautiful. read more….

About Earthy Timber

Custom Art Table Earthy Timber designs and creates high-end, bespoke custom wooden surfaces, each as individual as the other. We are true creators of functional art and we delight in what nature offers us. read more…. Artisan Wooden Surface

Why Earthy Timber

We bring the earthy tones of wood to life. Many of our customers simply adore their pieces of wooden furniture from us, and who are we to argue? But why would you consider Earthy Timber? read more….

How we work

Here at Earthy Timber, we appreciate wood’s natural beauty and understand exactly how to draw out its form, patterns and structures. Importantly, we know how best to create a special and stunning piece of art that goes with the grain (sometimes literally) rather than against it. read more…. Custom Dining Table


Bespoke Wooden Surface from Earthy Timber How can Earthy Timber help turn our house into a home? read more….