Dining Tables

Earthy Luxury Wood Dining Tables

There is something intrinsically right about sitting around a table for Sunday lunch, or for an evening dinner. Every meal, even something quite ordinary after a busy day gives us the chance to slow down and take stock of the day. The objects that surround you in your home should give you joy.

We think we’ve got just the thing. If you have a family, love to entertain, or simply wish to enjoy quality time with your partner, talk to Earthy Timber about a bespoke, earthy luxury wood dining table. These are natural yet artistic dining and kitchen tables of the highest quality and craftsmanship.


We source, design, create and finish a wide variety of species and sizes of locally sourced from National Trusts, Forestry Commission, private estates and community trusts wooden slabs and turn them into luxury dining tables.


Working with a wide range of sustainable English timbers such as but not limited to Oak, Brown Oak, Wild Walnut, Hornbeam, Pippy Oak, Sycamore, Chestnut, Yew Tree we produce wide plank tables for your dining room or kitchen up to six metres long (without any joints) and as wide as you wish.


Your dining table can be created in a variety of thicknesses and with a stunning array of finishes. A piece of furniture so beautiful that you, your family and friends won’t be able to resist touching it. Creative, beautiful yet fully functional, a work of art to enjoy, use and admire every day.