Wooden Desks from Earthy® Timber

Earthy® Timber manufactures to order natural wood desks with resin enhanced features from the most interesting, uniquely detailed live edge wood slabs. Wooden planks joined in harmony for an extra large desktop space, or statement single wood slab desk insert grandeur and sophistication into your business or home office.

Large oak desk for executive office, live edge walnut desk top accomodating curvated layout of 6 monitors or floating effect ash desk counter addressing single pressure point of monitor holder can be designed and crafted to order using ourartisanal skills as well as sophisticated, timber evaluating and drying technology.

Earthy® Timber ‘s luxury wooden desks are not just tactile, warm and utterly stunning, they are the foundation of a productive work station. Whether it is a desk for your home office or a corporate environment, earthy luxury wooden desks and desk tops are ready to provide an immersive work experience.


Inspiring Designs of Luxury Solid Wood Desks with Resin Enhanced Features

Our luxury, salvaged wood desks are individually designed by an artist AS Stawicki and built to last. With organic, curvaceous lines, our timeless luxury desk invites nature into your space with distinctive design. Each salavaged wood desk top from Earthy® Timber has a unique personality and inimitable characteristics subtly enhanced with resins. Stunning earthy knots, vibrant live edges and abstract wood patterns that only salvaged wood can offer, constitute a level of depth that cannot be recreated with healthy, perfect,  ‘certified’ (lost to deforestation trees…in our opinion).

The more challenging conditions of  the salavaged tree’s existance the more beautiful array of features it displays. We use innovative preservation techniques and wood resin enhancements to incorporate the raw beauty of these organic designs into your office desk.

Our customers can enjoy all the benefits of a natural wooden desk without sacrificing environment that only our truly sustainable brand can offer.

A calming, inspiring, ergonomically designed, sustainable wooden desk from Earthy® Timber is ideal for those in demanding jobs. Wood has been proven to alleviate stress and anxiety. Its reclaimed credentials, therapeutic warmth, stunning grain, wonderful and tactile natural edges, knots and in-grown bark subtly preserved with resins promote sustainable living and well-being. Yes, we can have beautiful things and be nature friendly.

executive natural solid wood desk

Salvaged Wood to Luxury Desk from Niche Artisanal Manufacturer and Timber Expert – Truly Sustainable British Brand

Earthy® Timber is the only company in the UK and in the World that uses diseased, infested, fungal, windthrown trees and transforms these salvaged timber imperfections into structurally strong, healthy, dry wood for luxury, executive desks.

From the salvaged tree to the finished luxury desk under one roof,  Earthy® Timber ‘s technology in evaluating and in-house vacuum kiln drying prepares the wooden desk tops for personal and professional use. This elaborate method of timber drying removes excess moisture through a complex conditioning process.  The molecular structure of the live edge wood is exercised and strengthened to yield inherently stable material that we then use to handcraft your designer desk or live edge wooden desk top for sit stand base.

solid wood live edge luxury desk

Beautiful and Unique Reclaimed Wood Choices for your Desk – Let Healthy Trees Live !

Martin Heidegger, German philosopher, argued that what distinguishes human beings is our ability to ‘take a stand’ on how we act as it defines who we really are. The asking is as fundamental to our self-identity as growing is to a tree. At Earthy® Timber we take a stand for unpretentious sustainability and tree conservation. We only utilise the trees that nature rejected.

European and British, salavaged hardwoods, as opposed to healthy trees grown in cultivated European woodlands are abundant with rustic features and earthy tones. Wild grown Walnut, Ash, English Oak as well as more niche species such as Apple, Pippy Oak, Brown Oak, Pear, Hornbeam, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut, Acacia or Yew Tree display an array of stunning, intricate characteristics. Our talented artisans take advantage of the uniqueness of each wood slab and transforms it into inspiring and functional wooden art work.

Custom Wooden Desk Top Base

Wooden desk top support is an integral part of our offer and expertise. Our desk legs and bases are usually made of steel or combination of steel and timber, calibrated to the parameters of the wooden top and balanced to complement its aesthetic requirements. The specialised plates provide a powerful foundation and facilitate the innate movement of the timber. Forged on-site at the Earthy® Timber workshop in Sussex.

Contact us to get your luxury, sustainable and bespoke wooden desk project underway.

river effect live edge walnut desk


…I am sitting at my beautiful desk that AS Stawicki created and I love it (not something that you can always say about a desk!). Throughout the process of creation Anna has been so friendly and helpful. the desk is just what I dreamed of – a real piece of art in my work space. Beautiful and practical…”

Alison, Author and Company Director at ATD Partners, Herefordshire, UK

designer waney edge oak desk