Solid Wood Designer Dining Tables by Earthy ® Timber – Manufacturers of High-End Furniture in the UK, Shipped Worldwide

Our multi – award winning designer, luxury solid wood dining tables are the signature of our family-run business. Each statement table is engineered using cutting-edge technology and handcrafted per nature’s blueprint. At Earthy ® Timber we combine our passion for artisan carpentry with expertise in wood science, channeling them into a bespoke, personal service.

Entire Process of Crafting your Feature Wood Table undertaken by Earthy® Timber

The entire process of hand-crafting your statement wood dining table is undertaken under our roof, by our experts as it is the only way to ensure our high standards are met. We source our salvaged, windthrown trees locally. Each live edge wood slab is expertly manipulated to display statement table top ‘s most beautiful features. We vacuum kiln dry our waney edge timber slabs and forge our legs in-house. These constituents come together to form a whole that transcends the sum of its parts, as all earthy ® tables hold an intangible value to their respective owners.

Wood and Resin Tables Designed by an Artist

Our statement wood  and resin dining tables meticulously designed by an Artist AS Stawicki are a perfect blend of sturdiness and refinment, bridging the gap between luxury and sustainability. Earthy ® – modern furniture with timeless appeal.

Statement Luxury Wooden Tables from Reclaimed Timber – No Tree Harmed

Earthy ® Timber is multi-award-winning cruelty-free, toxin-free and vegan lifestyle brand with a bright new perspective on luxury furniture with sustainable values. Thanks to our unique, developed in house wood processing and drying technology Earthy ® Timber transforms windthrown, infected, cancerous, unhealthy trees into sound, healthy timber and further into stunning pieces of luxury, timeless furniture. NO TREE IS HARMED in the process of making your bespoke luxury wooden dining table.

Timeless Wooden Table from Earthy® Timber will Serve Your Family for Generations

With us, a bespoke designer dining table is not just a family table, it is a long-term investment. By choosing Earthy ® Timber, our customers understand they are committing to an exclusive, timeless asset. Natural beauty is becoming a highly desirable trait, and as the prevalence of manufactured appearance becomes more and more apparent, recognition for the unconventional will rise.

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live edge walnut luxury table

Luxury Dining Table Designed & Handcrafted To Order in House

A perfect balance of elaborate methodology and minimalism ensures that Earthy ® Timber ‘s Luxury dining tables are ready for the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle and inimitable with their intrinsic rustic wood features and organic grain patterns.

Live Edge Wood Slabs Expertly Kiln Dried In-House

Whether it is an oversized live edge wood slab or a very wide wood plank, each waney edge timber board undergoes vacuum kiln drying in our on-site chamber. Kiln drying timber in a vacuum environment yields the highest degree of resistance to deficiencies such as cracks and splits, as well as stability during fluctuations in temperature and humidity, through complex reinforcement of the constructive tissue. The result? A stunning, durable, luxury solid wood dining table or coffee table poised to withstand the test of time and serve your family for generations.

Modern – Rustic Designer Tables Incorporating Subtle Use of Resins, Steel, Glass, Stone

Our wooden luxury dining tables, coffee tables or conference tables are characterised by their incorporation of classical and contemporary concepts in a rustic – modern form. From square and live edge wood fusions to invented by Earthy ® Timber earthy® joints, resin infusions, there is no room for the mundane. At Earthy® Timber workshop, we are continuously developing new ways to encapsulate the raw beauty of British hardwoods. To find out more about some of the custom enhancements available, please refer to the Special Effects section of our website.

Designer Furniture Crafted from Native Earthy ® Timbers

We specialise in local hardwoods obtained directly from sustainable sources, i.e. National Trust, Forestry Commission, private estates and community trusts. Our wide selection of timbers includes, but is not limited to, species such as English Oak, Brown Oak, Pippy Oak, Apple Wood, Wild Walnut, Hornbeam, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut, Acacia and Yew Tree. We also offer home grown, rare wood varieties on an irregular basis.

solid wood rustic modern designer table

Designer Table Base and Legs

Designer table ‘s base handcrafted by Earthy ® Timber offers reliable support and is the backbone of any healthy wooden top.

Custom Statement Table Bases Designed by AS Stawicki

Not only does it elevate the aesthetic value of your statement solid wood dining table top or desk, but is also a critical factor in its longevity. Earthy Timber ‘s custom table bases and legs are primed to provide a powerful foundation without compromising proportion. Each table base and set of table legs is custom made to complement the technical and artistic requirements of the solid wood table top.

Table Base for Your Table Size

Our table legs and bases are forged in-house, calibrated specifically to match the parameters of our earthy® wooden tops. Every form of support we offer comes with specialised embedded in timber plates that stabilise the structure, reinforce the joint(s) and facilitate the inherent movement of timber. We work with a broad range of metals such as steel, aluminum and brass, as well as varieties of wood, acrylics and glass table bases.

custom made artisan table legs

Complementing Solid Wood Designer Furniture and Timber Counter Tops 

Please peruse our website and Instagram for inspiration and complementing your statement live edge wood dining table:

Luxury Wood Coffee Tables & Console Tables

Our crafted by hand, exceptionally beautiful contemporary live edge console tables and waney edge coffee tables are either one-off or a very limited edition. Your table commission will never be the same as that of a previous or future customer.

Statement Kitchen Island Solid Wood Counter Top

Earthy® Timber can create the live edge bespoke wooden kitchen island top just for your kitchen. Carefully vacuum kiln-dried, sized to order, and finished with the techniques to suit your taste & investment figure, each waney edge oak or walnut kitchen island we design is unique, durable and above all, totally stunning.

Bathroom Vanity Timber Counter Tops

Ideal in a large bathroom, but accessible in any dimension, our waney edge bathroom basin tops can be fashioned into the perfect piece just for your requirements. Maybe it will sit beneath a mirror, reflecting the light and warmth of your bathroom. Spaces for sinks and taps can be carved into the live edge bathroom worktop, or perhaps you would prefer stand-alone work of art solid wood vanity top mounted to elegant raw metal frame, complementing the natural beauty of wood and its curvaceous natural wood edge

Live Edge Wood Breakfast Bars

A perfect substitute for a conventional luxury wood dining table or an ideal addition to your existing kitchen furniture, a bespoke waney edge wood breakfast bar combines the functionality of a table with a worktop.

Large Wooden Conference Table

You may also wish to consider a beautiful Live Edge Timber Desk Tops for Standing Office Desk  office and Waney Edge Wood Conference Table for your meeting room.

Organic, Luxury Solid Wood Furniture for Generations to Come

At Earthy ® Timber we handcraft solid wood furniture that will last for generations to come. With salvaged wood at the core of our business your durable, luxury furniture have positive impact on environment.

Wheelchair Accessible Wooden Tables to Order

Our wheelchair accessible live edge solid wooden tables and bathroom countertops for disabled users are as stunning as they are functional. We will ensure your desired knee clearance is provided between the floor and the underside of the wood resin table or countertop. Any indivdual furniture requirements can be met.

bespoke solid wood designer table
natural walnut resin river dining table