Premium Commercial Wooden Worktops

Minimalistic but never monotonous. Be it a functional desk in a hotel reception or a spacious table in a corporate boardroom, a vibrant worktop in a cocktail bar or a refined dining surface in an upmarket restaurant, Earthy Timber Commercial Wooden Tops are designed to reinforce your business with durability and alluring raw beauty that is deeply rooted in nature.

premium rustic wood restaurant dining table

Our kiln drying system is at the forefront of wood drying and sustainability.

The state-of-the-art vacuum kiln yields only the highest quality material through a precise and energy-efficient seasoning process. The wood itself is sourced directly from sustainable suppliers and handpicked based on the depth of character and the artistic freedom it provides.

live edge rustic wood bar top

Each top is a limited, standalone item.

We seek to encapsulate and explore the purity and individuality engraved in every knot, live edge and pattern through our organic designs. The aim is to enable the customer to choose timeless products that are both natural and primed for the everyday challenges of a professional environment.

premium english oak restaurant dining table

We specialise in solid wood surfaces for consumer and business use.

Every project is calibrated to accommodate the professional and/or the personal needs of the respective customer; however, it is important to note that your budget will have profound influence over the design prospects of your wooden top. The higher the investment, the more options we have.

resin river restaurant dining table

Please use the enquiry form to tell us about your bespoke project.

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