Luxury Wooden Coffee Tables – Artisan Furniture in your Living Room

Elevate the artistic value of the interior with a handmade wooden coffee table from Earthy Timber. Whether you are after a complementary asset to your dining table or a leisure centrepiece, choose a premium solid wood surface that is at the forefront of design and durability.

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  • Our custom legs & bases are calibrated to the parameters of your top. Each set comes with specialised plates that stabilise the structure, reinforce the joints and facilitate the inherent movement of the timber. Currently available in a wide range of metals, wood, acrylics and glass. For more information about our legs & bases, please refer to the Dining Tables section.
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luxury wood coffee table by Earthy Timber rustic modern high end living room furniture

Your bespoke coffee table from Earthy Timber.

Our trained artisans work with the timber to get the most out of its most exceptional features. Although every wooden canvas is inimitable in appearance, there exists a universal consistency among all Earthy Timber projects. Crafted with passion and respect, above all else, our bespoke coffee tables are:

  • Engraved with natural curves, earthy knots and aesthetic striations. We may facilitate a live edge or carve a joint from scratch. We can waterproof your surface without sacrificing the organic texture of the wood. The unpredictability in nature gives us infinite creative possibilities to forge timeless statement pieces, every time.
  • Streamlined following the natural blueprint. Each concept is dictated by the unique qualities of the individual piece. Each design uniquely encapsulates the raw beauty of rustic hardwoods in a way that mirrors the monetary investment from the customer.
  • Kiln-dried in a vacuum for uncompromising durability. The Earthy Timber vacuum kiln is one of the most technologically advanced wood drying systems in the UK. Our timber is seasoned for the modern lifestyle with a powerful foundation of resistance and reliability.
  • Made from the finest, sustainably sourced British hardwoods. We offer a selection of species regularly, while others are available seasonally. Our current inventory includes English Oak, Brown Oak, Poplar, Wild Walnut, Hornbeam, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut, Acacia, Ash and Yew. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find your preferred variety.
contemporary wooden coffee table

Benefits of vacuum kiln drying on wood.

The vacuum kiln drying process is a superior method of wood drying, and here is why:

  • Because water boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum, we can reduce the moisture content of the wood without damaging its structural integrity.
  • Below 10% moisture content is a sweet spot for molecular stability. It substantially increases the resistance to cracking, warping and splitting.
  • While other forms of wood drying remove water from the surface level, vacuum kiln drying evaporates moisture from the core, resulting in improved quality of timber.
  • It is more effective and energy-efficient than other methods of kiln drying. Sustainability is a driving factor in the industry and our kiln leads the way in eco-friendly wood drying.