Kitchen Islands

Your kitchen is a room unlike any other – a uniquely sociable place where, space allowing, your favourite people gather before dinner, where your friends hang out at a party, and where you prepare food and drink.

In this, your most used space in your home, a well-designed, bespoke kitchen island in a medium or large-sized kitchen can accommodate informal seating, an area for recipe books and even large, deep drawers in which to keep bulky saucepans or casserole dishes.

The space afforded by a kitchen island even validates and strengthens family bonds, creating connections and, we think, fond memories of great times. It’s true: your willing helpers congregated around a central kitchen island on Christmas Day or on at any other family gatherings help to make the occasion fun. Sharing good experiences should never be under-estimated.

Bespoke Kitchen Island Surfaces from Earthy Timber

Earthy Timber can create the perfect bespoke, custom wooden kitchen island surface just for your kitchen. Carefully vacuum kiln-dried, sized to order, and finished entirely to suit your tastes, each piece we design is unique, resilient and above all, totally stunning.

With prices from £4,000, our skilled artisans will bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your stylish home. Ideal for spacious kitchens but easily adapted to smaller spaces, Earthy Timber’s wooden surfaces are true, practical works of art for your kitchen.

Each piece will showcase the natural patterns of the wood in a colour and style to reflect your kitchen. Importantly, we will finish your bespoke kitchen island in such a way to make it totally stable and durable; these are surfaces that will work hard for you and last well into the next generation and beyond.

Bring along a picture of your kitchen and we will design a custom wooden island surface that will lift your mood every single day and make you feel good about your home, your kitchen and about the choices you make in life.

Not only do we source all our wood ourselves, we complete the entire process – from tree to the finished product – at our workshop in Sussex. This gives us complete control over quality, ensuring that we offer you only the very best.

Our Unique Kiln-Drying Process

We offer a unique all-in-one service which enables us to control the entire procedure from tree to the finished product and ensure that every piece of timber is subject to stringent quality control processes.

A key factor in our exclusivity lies in our operation and management of our on-site vacuum kiln-drying chamber. This is a highly skilled technique which removes the moisture content of timber to below 10%.

The result is a wooden surface that’s stable, strong and durable. Beautiful yet long-lasting. A kitchen island to give you pleasure for years and years to come.

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