Luxury, statement kitchen island solid wood worktops of astonishing beauty from Earthy ® Timber

Luxury statement kitchen island solid wood worktop hand-crafted by Earthy ® Timber is a perfect balance of grandeur and practicality. It is a conceptual bond that elevates the aesthetic value of the interior and provides complementary counter space. Earthy® Timber Luxury Wooden Island Worktops are expertly vacuum kiln dried on site and handmade to order from the finest, uniquely featured and locally sourced British and European salvaged trees.

Our professionally kiln dried timber inventory ranges from live edge oak kitchen island worktop to live edge walnut kitchen island counter top, yew acacia, or ash worktop for kitchen peninsual. From large live edge wood slabs to book-matched character wood planks joined in artistic harmony, at Earthy® Timber we have an eye for detail and an innate knowledge of how to develop a slab of wood into a luxury kitchen island worktop of astonishing beauty.

live edge oak breakfast bar island top

Earthy® Timber Kitchen Island – The Purity and Sophistication of Natural Wood

The purity of natural wood often disintegrates at the hands of uniformity to appeal to the average consumer. At Earthy® Timber, we choose not to be limited by categorisation, but to explore new grounds in the design spectrum by working individually with each salavaged wood slab to retain its most prominent natural wood features. Engraved within every wood knot, pattern and curve is a unique identity. No matter how subtle or extravagant the concept, the innate form of our luxury wooden island tops is expertly preserved to forge an inimitable one-off piece that mirrors its monetary investment.

Natural wood kitchen island expertly designed and hand-crafted by Earthy® Timber and encapsulated in modern form, will never go out of style. To enquire about your bespoke oak or live edge walnut kitchen island worktop please contact us

rustic oak premium kitchen island worktop by earthy luxury

Earthy® Live Edge Wood Slab Kitchen Island Counter Top’s Durability and Finest Quality 

Earthy, live edge wood slab kitchen island counter top from Earthy® Timber is a product of developed in-house, advanced wood processing and drying technology.  As a result Earthy® Timber offers an array of the most unusual, uniquely featured, grainy wood slabs ready for your traditional square edged or waney edge kitchen island commission.  We work exclusively with windthrown, diseased, rotten, infested, fungal trees and transform them into structurally strong, healthy, stunning, full of interesting features live edge timber slabs and further into living edge wood kitchen island worktops with subtle yet striking resin enhancements.

Earthy® Timber is multi-award winning luxury wooden furniture brand and niche, independent manufacturer bridging the gap between luxury and sustainability. NO TREE IS HARMED in the process of crafting your statement wooden kitchen island worktop or live edge  kitchen island table extension.

Our reclaimed wood slab processing technology and  vacuum kiln drying  is the most technologically advanced timber drying system in the UK and worldwide. Wood drying is an essential process that prepares timber for an in-door use via moisture reduction. Earthy® Timber’s precision in timber evaluation and kiln drying in a vacuum are superior to other methods of wood drying because the timber is seasoned in very small batches in a closed, complex environment. Its moisture content is monitored to the decimal point and gradually minimised, yielding inherently stable material with unrivalled durability against cracking, warping and splitting. This is especially important for timber used in challenging kitchen and bathroom environment.

We have in depth expertise in wood -resin and wood -metal enhancement techniques to best reflect light; the natural, live or  bark wood edges of your luxury kitchen island can also be preserved to display to the most subtle or dramatic effect. Our statement wooden kitchen island worktops are available in a variety of finishes to accentuate the natural live edges and rustic beauty of wood in modern luxury & practical form.

natural wood kitchen island worktop

Complementing Designer Furniture made of Solid Wood with Resin Features

In addition to luxury wooden kitchen island worktops, matching live edge wood kitchen table extensions and waney edge breakfast bar tops, we can also design and create superior pieces for your living room:  live edge designer wood dining table, solid wood artistic shelves or striking console table.

With beautiful, genuine wood grain patterns, rustic knots, interesting living wood edges enhanced and preserved for years to come, custom timber tables and luxury furniture from Earthy® Timber will lift your spirits every time you see them.

For the luxury leisure market, a bespoke waterproof wooden counter tops for your yacht will look simply stunning. Why not combine your love for water with a passion for the beauty of nature with our special waterproof river table, kitchen island or bathroom sink top?

We look forward to discussing your unique wooden kitchen island worktop project. Contact us to start the process.