Luxury Bathroom Natural Wood Counter Tops made to measure by Earthy® Timber 

Luxury bathroom natural wood counter tops for basins, vanity units from Earthy® Timber bring tranquil elegance to your restroom. Made to measure from the most beautiful native, sustainable hardwoods, our live edge wood bathroom tops unveil pronounced grain, living edges, and an array of unique wooden features subtly enhanced with resins.

Earthy® wood counter tops are a stunning addition in every room in your house.  Your bathroom is no exception.  At Earthy®  Timber, we can design and create the perfect custom made solid wood bathroom countertop or basin top for your en suite or family bathroom, or for any additional cloak room in your property.   Our live edge walnut, ash, oak bathroom tops are true works of art for the customer who appreciates nature, beauty and elegance.

High End Bathroom Wooden Tops from Ethical Furniture Brand

Earthy® Timber is paving the way as an innovative high-end wooden furniture brand. Our mission is to redefine luxury interior design by using salvaged trees to create unique pieces of solid wood furniture for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, with complete eco-credentials. The salvaged wood used in the process of crafting your unique wood bathroom top is identical in terms of structural strength to prime grade timber but superior in terms of distinctive characteristics, with each piece of wood telling a story.

You can enjoy, an earthy ®, natural wood counter top in your bathroom or wet room with clear conscience and without ethical or environmental consequences. as you are effectively recycling the tree disregarded by nature.

Live Edge Bathroom Vanity Handmade from Salvaged Wood

Earthy® Timber is a truly sustainable, eco-friendly luxury furniture brand. By applying its unique developed in house wood processing and drying technology Earthy® Timber transforms the infected, windthrown, unhealthy salvaged wood into sound, structurally strong timber and further into stunning pieces of luxury, timeless live edge wood bathroom vanity furniture tops.

Live edge wood bathroom basin tops are vacuum kiln dried in-house and made to measure from tree to waterproof wooden basin top entirely by Earthy® Timber from the selected for their unique characteristics and features salvaged timber slabs.

Luxury Bathroom Wooden Vanity Top in Waterproof Finish

Our developed in-house and unique to Earthy® Timber technology of wood protection against moisture, transforms wooden basin top into a waterproof vanity. The raw beauty and grainy texture of your live edge wood bathroom worktop is preserved in a vacuum environment in a way that it upgrades its functionality. Bathroom wooden worktop will be then finished completely matt or gloss depending on your preference.

The durability and resistance to moisture of live edge wood bathroom top in waterproof finish are reinforced in a way that it enhances its aesthetics. Enjoy all the benefits of an organic wood bathroom top in a moisture-rich environment.

From Tree to Finished High-End Bathroom Wood Vanity under One Roof

Our bespoke solid wood bathroom counter tops are conditioned, kiln dried, handcrafted and waterproofed entirely in-house. Earthy® Timber is completely independent from third party involvement at any stage of each exclusive project, therefore we can guarantee the consistent finest quality of our luxury solid wood furniture.

We offer a wide selection of character salvaged hardwoods, sourced and procured sustainably from British woodlands, National Trust, and private estates: English Oak, Brown Oak, Poplar, Wild Walnut, Hornbeam, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut, Acacia, Ash and Yew are the staples of our craft. We also offer rare varieties such as apple wood or pear wood, so please enquire about the availability of your preferred species.

Statement Bathroom Furniture Counter – Tops Designed by an Artist

The inimitable appearance of salvaged timber is an invaluable asset. Within it lies the key to a statement wood bathroom counter top. The artist AS Stawicki implements his distinctive blueprint to enhance the most striking rustic features and collectively bring them to life in a timeless furniture design. The concept behind each earthy® luxury countertop is dictated by the innate form of the individual surface(s) and your monetary investment.

AS Stawicki’s  work embodies his passion for nature. He is a pioneer of innovative, artistic live edge designs, i.e. waney joints, where two or more slabs are merged in a harmonious ribbon of their natural shapes, part-square edges, where the curves are partially straightened to create a potent stylistic blend, and resin-encapsulated edges, where the entire feature is immersed in the translucent substance for a frozen nature finish. More information about our custom enhancements can be found in the special effects section.

Wood Kiln Drying Experts

At Earthy® Timber we are artisans, timber evaluating and wood drying experts. Please note inadequately dried timber is susceptible to cracks, splits and warping. We use a state-of-the-art developed in-house wood processing and vacuum kiln drying technology to prepare our timber for future solid wood furniture projects. Unlike other methods of wood drying, our technology penetrates the timber to the very core to remove moisture, even in very chunky wood slabs.

In a vacuum, water boils at a lower temperature, so the wood is not over-dried during the seasoning process. This results in a moisture content sweet spot, where the molecular structure of the wood is intrinsically stable and the cohesion of its constructive tissue is ideal. Vacuum kiln drying is also extremely efficient, producing the superios quality of timber at a low energy cost. Sustainability is becoming a driving factor in the industry, and our kiln is at the forefront of technological advancements in wood drying.

Regrettably a large proportion of timber on the market is not adequately prepared and dried,  and clients are unaware of the potential dangers of purchasing this kind of timber including warping, twisting, swelling, encouraging the infestation of woodworm. Also neighbouring surfaces regardless of composition (mdf, timber plywood etc.) could potentially be affected and damaged. Unfortunately these problems can take months to manifest themselves by which time it is too late to request compensation from rogue wood traders.

To enquire about a Natural Wood Luxury Bathroom Countertop from Earthy® Timber, please use the get in touch.

live edge walnut bathroom vanity counter top by Earthy Timber