Earthy Timber Luxury

Based in the beautiful county of Sussex, Earthy Timber designs and creates unique, luxurious and exclusive wooden surfaces for any high-end residential or commercial space.  These are truly elegant, stylish pieces to stir joy in your heart and soul. Bespoke wooden surfaces for the discerning customer who is ready to invest in a piece of furniture that will last for generations to come.

We are a timber yard with an in-house vacuum kiln drying chamber and earthy design studio, offering a diverse, beautiful and unusual range of timber slabs ready for your commission.

If you are looking for a work of art dining table, a unique wooden kitchen island or an artistic timber breakfast bar that will enhance your home, please peruse our site and Instagram accounts for inspiration.


With satisfied customers both nationally and internationally,  when it comes to wood, we turn nature’s bounty into stunning and totally durable wooden surfaces of any size.   Every item has stunning earthy features and is both unique and distinctive.

Bespoke wooden surfaces from Earthy Timber maximise the beauty of nature, but with an artistic, modern twist to deliver striking, artisan perfection. Our work is modern, exclusive and cutting edge. With its natural patterns and knots and crafted to perfection, our wooden surfaces cater to elite, discriminating tastes.


Here at Earthy Timber we have an eye for detail and an innate knowledge of how to develop a slab of wood into an object of astonishing beauty.

We have in depth expertise in resin and metal enhancement techniques to best reflect light; the natural, live or bark edges of wood can also be preserved to display to most subtle or dramatic effect.

Please contact us to arrange a visit to our location to view examples of our high quality handcrafted products.


Earthy Timber is truly unique in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. We are the only company of our type to present an all-in-one service to our customers. We source, vacuum kiln-dry, design and create each piece in our workshop in Plumpton Green,  Lewes.  In this way we oversee the entire process from start to finish, offering you the exclusive service that your investment with us deserves.

What’s more,  each earthy luxury wooden surface will have unique features, brought to life with the utmost care and attention.

Vacuum Kiln Drying

We are unique and in the forefront in using highly advanced vacuum kiln drying process to remove the required percentage of moisture from wood (below 10%). The result is an artisan crafted dining table, breakfast bar or bathroom counter that will never warp, bend or crack. These are stable pieces that will last several generations.

Earthy Timber sustainably sources selected wood logs from the UK and throughout Europe. We work with a variety of wild-grown timbers, including more unusual ones, such as Cherry, Hornbeam, Wild Walnut, Sycamore and Wild Apple, to name just a few.


Our work is exclusive, with a waiting list.  Please note that we will be happy to work with customers with a defined and confirmed budget of upwards of 5,000+vat per piece.

Please let us know your investment figure so that we can consider this when establishing the most attractive design options and finishing techniques that will reflect your investment with us. In this way, the same size finished commission can vary in price from eg. £5000 to £50000, depending on the rarity & beauty of the selected timber planks and the time spent on creating your functional piece of art. Each slab of wood in our Plumpton Green, Lewes based wood yard is unique as we personally choose each log for its distinctive characteristics and features. The beauty of our earthy-modern commissioned furniture is our trademark signature.

For those with the budget below £5000+vat, we recommend you refer to our ‘Everyday range store’, where you can make the purchase of less expensive, also crafted in house, quality wooden furniture.

To ensure that we can offer you the time and expertise that you deserve,  we only see customers by appointment.  Please use our contact form to send us the details of your project.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Visits to the workshop are strictly by appointment only.
We look forward to creating your exclusive, luxury timeless piece of furniture.